9 November 1997

From: irvine@cs.nps.navy.mil (Cynthia Irvine)
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 97 16:52:16 PST
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Workshop on Education in Computer Security '98

                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION 


                      19-21 January 1998
                   Asilomar Conference Center
                  Pacific Grove, California USA 

URL: http://www.cs.nps.navy.mil/research/cisr/events/wecs98_announce.html

	Naval Postgraduate School Center for INFOSEC Studies and Research
               (NPS CISR) 
	other sponsors pending

HOSTED BY:Naval Postgraduate School 
   Cynthia Irvine, NPS CISR 
   Daniel Warren, NPS CISR 


   Jim Davis, Iowa State University
   Daniel Faigin, Aerospace Corporation
   Deborah Frinke, University of Idaho
   Heather Hinton, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute
   Cynthia Irvine, Naval Postgraduate School
   Erland Jonsson, Chalmers University of Technology
   Daniel Warren, Naval Postgraduate School

The Workshop on Education in Computer Security is intended to bring
together those interested in developing and enhancing instruction in
computer security within undergraduate and graduate computer science
programs. The Workshop's objectives are to provide a forum for
discussion of ideas and techniques in computer security education.
In January 1997 the first ACM Workshop on Education in Computer
Security was held in Monterey, California and provided a forum for
security educators and employers to discuss requirements for security
education. The 1998 Workshop will focus on implementation aspects of
security education programs.
The theme for the 1998 workshop will be the use of laboratory
activities to enhance educational objectives. It is expected that the
outcome of the workshop will be a set of laboratory exercises that can
be used by the participants and others to enhance the teaching of
security objectives.
The meeting will also feature a half-day tutorial on Penetration
Testing by Daniel Faigin, of the Aerospace Corporation. Penetration
Testing is a holistic flaw assessment approach that is applied to
expose weaknesses in an implemented system. This form of system stress
testing is likely to be appealing to students and provides a rigorous
framework from which instructors may fashion laboratory and course

All participants must:
   o  Submit a laboratory exercise
   o  Make conference center reservations
   o  Complete the workshop registration form

Educators from undergraduate and graduate programs wishing to
participate in the workshop are requested to submit a laboratory
exercise or project description used to provide instruction on a topic
in Computer or Network Security.  Exercises should be submitted on or
before 15 December 1997.  All exercises will be organized in a
collection which will be prepared for distribution to participants at
the meeting.

Submissions should be sent to:

   Prof. Cynthia E. Irvine
   Computer Science Department, Code CS/Ic
   Naval Postgraduate School
   Monterey, CA 93943-5118
   Voice: +1 408 656 2461
   Fax: +1 408 656 2814


Hard copy and e-mail submissions are acceptable.  E-mail submissions
should be in gziped postscript. The page size should be for U.S. pages
(8.5 x 11 inches).  The body of the submission should be in 10 point
type.  Submissions should be no more than 6 pages in length.  In all
cases, please include complete contact information for all authors.
In case of co-authored submissions, please make clear the number of
authors planning to attend.
Approximately 12 to 15 submissions will be selected for presentation
and discussion at the workshop.  Ample time will be reserved for
discussion.  The total number of participants will be limited to 50.


Now to December 15: 
   Complete registration form; reserve your room at Asilomar
   (Note: we strongly recommend making reservations soon.)
December 15, 1996:  
   Exercise submissions due
January 18, 1997:  
   Arrive for workshop 


WECS 98 has arranged for a block of 50 rooms at the Asilomar
Conference Center for workshop participants.  These rooms are set
aside for the nights of January 18, 19, and 20, 1998. The cost per
night will be $91 and meals are included.  Participants must call the
Asilomar Conference Center at (408) 372 8016 to reserve their rooms.

Due to the anticipated demand for rooms at the Asilomar hotel during
the conference period, we are asking (potential) participants to book
a hotel room before the notification date. Asilomar policy on
cancellations will be posted here when determined. For now find out
when you call. If your travel plans change, for whatever reason, you
will be able to cancel your reservation in accordance with Asilomar
There will be a very modest registration fee for all participants to
cover incidental costs.


Because of the effects of El Nino, weather conditions this winter in
California are of an uncertain nature.  During the previous big El
Nino event (winter 1983) the weather was cool and wet. Storms
sometimes cause electrical power outages. Of course, the weather may
be warm and sunny, as is often the case during the winter months on
the Monterey Peninsula.
Asilomar is very close to the ocean. Semi-casual attire is
recommended.  Participants are advised to bring at least one warm
sweater and/or jacket, water-repellant outer wear and a pair of shoes
suitable for walking on the beach.
Direct questions to irvine@cs.nps.navy.mil