24 June 1998

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 00:21:15 +0200
From: Ian Grigg <iang@systemics.com>
To: dbs@philodox.com, "'e$'"@vmeng.com
Subject: EMI Opinion on Issuance of Electronic Money

EMI Opinion on Issuance of Electronic Money

This long awaited entry by the EMI into cyber-space monetary affairs
was snuck into the 1997 Annual Report of the EMI.

I have descrambled the original publication (carefully protected with
an obscure but unsafe algorithm called PDF) and placed a copy at:


On my papers page is also located the original 1994 prepaid card
report, my critique of that, and a Dutch CB commentary that pre-dates
the opinion above somewhat.  There are some other big useful reports
mentioned that are actually on JYA's Cryptome for space reasons (ta
muchly, John!).