20 July 1997
Source: http://www.nawcad.navy.mil/test_eval/atlantic/e3/e3engfac.html


"The One-Stop E3 Shop" Naval Air Warfare Center Patuxent River is at the leading edge of E3 and acts as the Navy's center of expertise in aircraft E3 Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation. There are over 15 specialized facilities located at a single site with runways and complete aircraft support. Many organizations are involved in one or two areas of E3, but here we are involved in all major areas and offer experienced personnel and unique test facilities to provide single-site services. This means that an aircraft can undergo several different E3 tests while test personnel, ground support equipment, and maintenance support remain at the same location. We also provided mobile capabilities for EMC, EMI, EMV, TEMPEST, COMSEC certification, P-Static, Lightning, and low-level and Direct-Drive EMP testing.

Over 100 government and contractor engineers and technicians support these test efforts. They identify deficiencies, recommend feasible solutions to problems, and refine test techniques to meet changing requirements. In addition to conducting E3 testing for the Navy, they have supported E3 testing for other agencies (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard), commercial industry, and foreign military programs. A full and varied test schedule has engendered a group of experienced test engineers and development of efficient, cost-effective test methodologies.

The E3 test facilities at Patuxent River were developed to provide test and evaluation of aircraft, weapon systems, and components. Therefore, the facilities provide aircraft electrical power, ground support equipment, tiedowns, grounding, aircraft maintenance facilities, workspaces, classified storage, access to Naval aircraft technical libraries, customized test instrumentation, and data processing support.

Last updated October 8, 1996.

One page fact sheets are available below on many of the facilities at Patuxent River. In order to view the documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility (ACETEF)
Aircraft Test and Evaluation Facility (ATEF)
Communications, Navigation, and Identification Laboratory
Dynamic In-Flight Radar Cross-Section Measurement Facility
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects Division Intro
Electromagnetic Transient Effects Testing Facility
Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Facility
Electronic Warfare Flight Test Facility (EWFTF)

Electronic Warfare Integrated Systems Test Laboratory (EWISTL)
Manned Flight Simulator (MFS)
Offensive Sensors Laboratory (OSL)
Operations and Control Center at ACETEF
Rotary Wing Ship Suitability
Shielded Hangar
Structures and Strain Gage Laboratory
Threat Air Defense Laboratory (TADL)