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This lists 122 documents on privacy, information security, defense and law enforcement selected from the full listing of the publications of the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) from 1972-1996, archived at Princeton University. Links to that site are provided for downloading the documents in PDF format.



























Electronic Surveillance in a Digital Age (July 1995)

Global Communications: Opportunities for Trade and Aid (September 1995)

Information Technologies for the Control of Money Laundering (September 1995)

Issue Update on Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments (September 1995)

The Technological Reshaping of Metropolitan America (September 1995)

Wireless Technologies and the National Information Infrastructure (September 1995)


The Social Security Administration's Decentralized Computer Strategy: Issues and Options (April 1994)

Electronic Enterprises: Looking to the Future (May 1994)

Export Controls and Nonproliferation Policy (May 1994)

Assessing the Potential for Civil-Military Integration: Technologies, Processes, and Practices (September 1994)

Civilian Satellite Remote Sensing: A Strategic Approach (September 1994)

Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments (September 1994)

Remotely Sensed Data: Technology, Management and Markets (September 1994)

Virtual Reality and Technologies for Combat Simulation (September 1994)


Proceedings: Technology and Governance in the 1990s. Papers Presented at the OTA 20th Anniversary Forum on Technology and Governance in the 1990s (April 1993)

The 1992 World Administrative Radio Conference: Technology and Policy Implications (May 1993)

Data Format Standards for Civilian Remote Sensing Satellites (May 1993)

Advanced Network Technology (June 1993)

Who Goes There: Friend or Foe? (June 1993)

The Future of Remote Sensing From Space: Civilian Satellite Systems and Applications (July 1993)

Accessibility and Integrity of Networked Information Collections (August 1993)

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: Assessing the Risks (August 1993)

U.S. Telecommunications Services in European Markets (August 1993)

Contributions of DOE Weapons Labs and NIST to Semiconductor Technology (September 1993)

Dismantling the Bomb and Managing the Nuclear Materials (September 1993)

Information Systems Related to Technology Transfer: A Report on Federal Technology Transfer in the United States (September 1993)

Protecting Privacy in Computerized Medical Information (September 1993)

Technologies Underlying Weapons of Mass Destruction (December 1993)


Technology Against Terrorism: Structuring Security (January 1992)

Global Standards: Building Blocks for the Future (March 1992)

Finding a Balance: Computer Software, Intellectual Property and the Challenge of Technological Change (May 1992)

Building Future Security: Strategies for Restructuring the Defense Technology and Industrial Base (June 1992)

Lessons in Restructuring Defense Industry: The French Experience (June 1992)

Remotely Sensed Data From Space: Distribution, Pricing, and Applications (July 1992)

Police Body Armor Standards and Testing, Vol. I (August 1992)

Police Body Armor Standards and Testing, Vol. II-Appendixes (August 1992)

U.S. Banks and International Telecommunications (October 1992)


Adjusting to a New Security Environment: The Defense Technology and Industrial Base Challenge (February 1991)

Seeking Solutions: High Performance Computing for Science (March 1991)

Federally Funded Research: Decisions for a Decade (May 1991)

Verification Technologies: Managing Research and Development for Cooperative Arms Control Monitoring Measures (May 1991)

Global Arms Trade: Commerce in Advanced Military Technology and Weapons (June 1991)

Redesigning Defense: Planning the Transition to the Future U.S. Defense Industrial Base (July 1991)

Technology Against Terrorism: The Federal Effort (July 1991)

Verification Technologies: Cooperative Aerial Surveillance in International Agreements (July 1991)

New Ways: Tiltrotor Aircraft and Magnetically Levitated Vehicles (September 1991)

American Military Power: Future Needs, Future Choices (October 1991)

Competing Economies: America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim (October 1991)

The 1992 World Administrative Radio Conference: Issues for U.S. International Spectrum Policy (November 1991)

The FBI Fingerprint Identification Automation Program: Issues and Options (November 1991)


Holding the Edge: Maintaining the Defense Technology Base-Vol. II, Appendices (January 1990)

Critical Connections: Communication for the Future (February 1990)

Computer Software and Intellectual Property (March 1990)

Arming Our Allies: Cooperation and Competition in Defense Technology (May 1990)

Helping America Compete: The Role of Federal Scientific and Technical Information (June 1990)

Physical Vulnerability of Electric Systems to Natural Disasters and Sabotage (June 1990)

Evaluating Defense Department Research (July 1990)

Trading Around the Clock: Global Securities Markets and Information Technology (July 1990)

Electronic Bulls and Bears: U.S. Securities Markets and Information Technology (September 1990)

Verification Technologies: Measures for Monitoring Compliance With the START Treaty (December 1990)


Holding the Edge: Maintaining the Defense Technology Base (April 1989)

Technology Transfer to the United States: The MIT-Japan Science and Technology Program (April 1989)

High-Performance Computing and Networking for Science (September 1989)

Copyright and Home Copying: Technology Challenges the Law (October 1989)

Federal Scientific and Technical Information in an Electronic Age: Opportunities and Challenges (October 1989)


Science, Technology, and the First Amendment (January 1988)

The Defense Technology Base: Introduction and Overview (March 1988)

Electronic Delivery of Public Assistance Benefits: Technology Options and Policy Issues (April 1988)

Criminal Justice, New Technologies, and the Constitution (May 1988)

SDI: Technology, Survivability, and Software (May 1988)

Seismic Verification of Nuclear Testing Treaties (May 1988)

Technology and the American Economic Transition: Choices for the Future (May 1988)

Informing the Nation: Federal Information Dissemination in an Electronic Age (October 1988)


The Border War on Drugs (March 1987)

Commercial Newsgathering From Space (May 1987)

New Technology for NATO: Implementing Follow-On Forces Attack (June 1987)

International Competition in Services: Banking, Building, Software, Know-How... (July 1987)

Technology Transfer to China (July 1987)

The Electronic Supervisor: New Technology, New Tensions (September 1987)

Hospital Information Systems at the Veterans Administration (September 1987)

Science, Technology, and the Constitution (September 1987)

Defending Secrets, Sharing Data: New Locks and Keys for Electronic Information (October 1987)


Federal Government Information Technology: Management, Security, and Congressional Oversight (February 1986)

Microelectronics Research and Development (March 1986)

Supercomputers: Government Plans and Policies (March 1986)

Intellectual Property Rights in an Age of Electronics and Information (April 1986)

Electronic Record Systems and Individual Privacy (June 1986)

Technologies for NATO's Follow-On Forces Attack Concept (July 1986)

Trade in Services: Exports and Foreign Revenues (September 1986)

The Social Security Administration and Information Technology (October 1986)


Information Technology R&D: Critical Trends and Issues (February 1985)

Anti-Satellite Weapons, Countermeasures, and Arms Control (September 1985)

Ballistic Missile Defense Technologies (September 1985)

Electronic Surveillance and Civil Liberties (October 1985)

Automation of America's Offices, 1985-2000 (December 1985)


Remote Sensing and the Private Sector: Issues for Discussion (March 1984)

Computerized Manufacturing Automation: Employment, Education, and the Workplace (April 1984)

Review of Postal Automation Strategy: A Technical and Decision Analysis (June 1984)

Effects of Information Technology on Financial Services Systems (September 1984)


Encouraging High-Technology Development (April 1983)

International Competitiveness in Electronics (November 1983)

Scientific Validity of Polygraph Testing: A Research Review and Evaluation (November 1983)


Radiofrequency Use and Management: Impacts From the World Administrative Radio Conference of 1979 (January 1982)

Selected Electronic Funds Transfer Issues: Privacy, Security, and Equity (March 1982)

Implications of Electronic Mail and Message Systems for the U.S. Postal Service (August 1982)

An Assessment of Alternatives for a National Computerized Criminal History System (October 1982)

Informational Technology and Its Impact on American Education (November 1982)

Postmarketing Surveillance of Prescription Drugs (November 1982)


Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy Issues (September 1981)


Taggants in Explosives (April 1980) [See Science article, 24 January 1997]


The Effects of Nuclear War (May 1979)

Computer Technology in Medical Education and Assessment (September 1979)


A Preliminary Assessment of the National Crime Information Center and the Computerized Criminal History System (December 1978)


Technology Assessment in Business and Government (January 1977)

Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards (June 1977)

Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards: Appendix Volume II, Part One (June 1977)

Nuclear Proliferation and Safeguards: Appendix Volume II, Part Two (June 1977)

Policy Implications of Medical Information Systems (December 1977)


Food Information Systems (February 1976)

Food Information Systems: Summary and Analysis (August 1976)

An Assessment of Information Systems Capabilities Required To Support U.S. Materials Policy Decisions (December 1976)

Technology Assessment Activities in the Industrial, Academic, and Governmental Communities (December 1976)