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15 May 1998

From: "vtxnet.papyrus_junior" <papyrus_junior@vtxnet.ch>
To: <jya@pipeline.com>
Subject: Laundering Criminal Money
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 19:12:33 +0200

Dear John,

Thanks for publishing this small notice, please.
This is a scoop of confidential information.


Subject: Forum About Recycling Criminal Money

EU FORUM 26-27 May in Paris (VIII)



- Geneva Procuror Bertossa
- French Deputy Hunault, rapportor of the law for combating
  money laundering
- Europ Council: Csonka, Division of criminal problems
- Director of Budget & Treasury of Monaco
- Credit Agricole Indosuez in Luxembourg
- Lawyers
  (principal inspector of Douanes)
- Belgium Assocation of Banks
- Societe Générale,...

13 Conferences:

- Methodologies for detecting laundering of criminal money
- How to reinforce international cooperation against money laundering
- Identifiying the risks and how to mobilize your equipment
- Initiating coordinated actions
- Learning from the lessons of the Monaco system for fighting money
- Ancticipating the impact of the Euro on the practices of money
- Elaboration of effective actions in the market
- Specific surveillance needed for unusal movement of funds
  during the Euro transition
- Evolution of the law of 13 May 1996
- Preventing money laundering with key-methods of internal audit
- Coordinating responsiblities of bankers and financial advisors with
  security professionals
- Development of transnational law for combating money laundering
- Establishment of a compromise between protection of private information
  and reporting of money laundering


No consideration of confiscation
No evaluation of criminal money invested in EU
Nothing about the covert-men of mafia.

For example, Beliaev, Russian and Europ functionary in the Europ 
council in Strasbourg (living in castle Quesmy in Quesmy (F)) recycled
Russian money via off-shore Ireland + Delaware state (USA). He give 
also a no a TVA,(WatT) permits to make business in UE (via FINEC,..). 
His employer, the EU, didn't know about this story. Two weeks before
the EURO run, he buys with his Ukrainian & Russian friends millions 
of Swissfrancs to resale after EURO creation at the right moment. DST 
are only tapping him. No confiscation.

In Europe, there is also a Wall Street School begun with a Italian 
mafia money. QG in Spain. No risk of confiscation.

When Italian Justice ask help to investigate banks, the mafia counters, 
Swiss judges controls only the great banks. It's a scandal.

$8 milliard (billions in USA?, Mr. John) are being laundered via 800 
Sicilian families living in Switzerland.

In Germany, the same situation. ($1 milliars laundered only via TREUHAND
in ex-DDR). Except, Italian justice: confiscation of more than 1000 houses,
apartments,... per year.

In Belgium, France, Germany and Switz. nearly O francs is take
to criminal launderer. Ex-Italian interior minister was in MAFIA. 

In clear phone-tapping is not useful against the Italian MAFIA.
Confiscation is the only solution.

In Lausanne, a police officer destroyed a bank piece to protect a Sicilian
family. (Actual juridical action.)

If the Forum has a sense, it was paid by criminal money confiscated!
It's not the case.

More info about Belieav, Sicilian mafia, see:




Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 12:56:30 +0200 From: masson <interception@ii-mel.com> To: jya@pipeline.com Thanks to add & correct to http://jya.com/eu-wash.htm - French Deputy Hunault, rapportor of the law for combating   money laundering in National Assembly is not curious   and has no concern for money laudering in the EU and in   Switzerland. He has never read INTELLIGENCE ON LINE   or LE MONDE DU RENSEIGNEMENT http://www.indigo-net.com   Mafia money has good days yet in the EU! Masson