2 July 1998

From: "Maksim Otstavnov" <maksim@volga.net>
To: John Young <jya@pipeline.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:54:16 +0400
Subject: a JIBC article


(_France's blanket ban on the use of strong encryption_ (By Samuel Cadogan)

ABSTRACT: Unique in the western world for it's blanket ban on the use 
of strong encryption,France also became in February '98 the first country to
official institute a scheme of Trusted Third Parties with Key Escrow. However
such an implementation has been far from plain sailing. It is also in
contradiction with the choices made by it's European partners, most notably
Germany. And finally it thwarts the emergence of a pan-european security
industry as well as the creation of a secure and interoperable Internet

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