31 May 1998

From: "masson" <interception@ii-mel.com>
To: <jya@pipeline.com>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 18:03:33 +0200

Dear John,

Thanks for correcting English if you publish. All cases are proved and tested.
Swisscom investigated this three times.

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NEWSPAPER 24H (28.5.1998)
Author: Antoine Blanc
Title: Phone Free for each, simply in exploiting the technical errors of 

- Swisscom sells ONE NUMBER service (telephone with a single number anywhere
in the world without card, money, personal phone. Only with the number). 
Certain telephones record all sequences (inc. PIN). Moreover, some ONE NUMBER 
services have unlimited credit and are available in certain chat-rooms.

- DIAX, a second Swiss operator also has a little problem of coordination
between billing center and customer center. M. Blanc was able to telephone for 
free with Diax. And have no record of it in the billing center.

- Ericsson 628 has 2 bugs (on screen but also on billing system).
Prepaid card could be used on Ericsson 628 for unlimited calls.
After this problem was discovered SIM CARD CENTER IN Olten in 
Swizertland limited the debit to 5 Frs. Before, it was 50 Frs.
Sales of the Ericsson unit have been very successful in India, Libya, 
Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Swuitzerland,... Such large sales of Ericsson 
628 will cause much trouble for the Swedish company.

In Switzerland, Diax & Ericsson in Zürich and Swisscom have not recognized
these bugs.

Swisscom has tried to prevent the problem by arranging to stop automatically 
the card Easy Natel D (time of communication is billed by the server and not 
by a debit on the card).

It has also invited customers to bring back their GSM Ericsson to exchange 
for a better unit free of charge.

Free communications are also possible sometimes to use information entry
errors of the telephone operator.