30 March 1998: Link to David Wagner's papers

26 March 1998
Source: http://www.dmi.ens.fr/~vaudenay/fse5/prog2.txt

The Fifth Fast Software Encryption Workshop will take place at the
Hotel du Louvre on 1998, March 23-24-25. The program below and other
information are available on the web page of the workshop:

This workshop is organized by the Ecole Normale Superieure and the
Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique in cooperation with
the International Association for Cryptologic Research and with the
generous sponsor of Microsoft and Gemplus.

Monday, 23rd
   9h45 registration with coffee
  10h15 introductory remarks
  10h30 Session 1 --- Cryptanalysis 1

    title:  New Results in Linear Cryptanalysis of RC5
    author: A.A. Selcuk

    title:  Higher Order Differential Attack of a CAST Cipher
    author: S. Moriai, T. Shimoyama, T. Kaneko

    title:  Cryptanalysis of Twoprime
    author: D. Wagner, B. Schneier, J. Kelsey, D. Coppersmith

  12h00 Lunch
  14h00 Session 2 --- New Stream Cipher

    title:  JEROBOAM
    author: H. Chabanne, E. Michon

    title:  Fast Hashing and Stream Encryption with Panama
    author: J. Daemen, C.S.K. Clapp

    title:  Joint Hardware/Software Design of a Fast Stream Cipher
    author: C.S.K. Clapp

  15h30 break
  16h00 Session 3 --- Construction Analysis

    title:  On the Security of Hashing Scheme Based on SL2
    author: K.S. Abdukhalikov, C. Kim

    title:  About Feistel Schemes with Six (or more) Rounds
    author: J. Patarin

    title:  Monkey: Black-Box Symmetric Ciphers Designed for MONopolizing KEYs
    author: A. Young, M. Yung

  17h30 end of day

Tuesday, 24th

   9h00 Session 4 --- Hash Functions

    title:  MRD Hashing and its Application to Multisender Authentication
    author: R. Safavi-Naini, S. Bakhtiari

    title:  New Constructions for Secure Hash Functions
    author: W. Aiello, S. Haber, R. Venkatesan

  10h00 break
  10h30 Session 5 --- Pseudo Random Generators

    title:  Cryptanalytic Attacks on Pseudorandom Number Generators
    author: J. Kelsey, B. Schneier, D. Wagner, C. Hall

  11h00 Panel
  12h30 Lunch
  14h30 Session 6 --- New Block Cipher

    title:  CS-Cipher
    author: J. Stern, S. Vaudenay

    title:  On the Design and Security of RC2
    author: L.R. Knudsen, V. Rijmen, R.L. Rivest, M.J.B. Robshaw

    title:  Serpent: a new Block Cipher Proposal
    author: E. Biham, R. Anderson, L. Knudsen

  16h00 break
  16h30 new results (to be submitted at the workshop)
  20h30 Dinner

Wednsday, 25th

   9h30 Session 7 --- Modes of Operations

    title:  Attacking Triple Encryption
    author: S. Lucks

    title:  Cryptanalysis of some Multiple Modes of Operation
    author: D. Wagner

  10h30 break
  11h00 Session 8 --- Cryptanalysis 2

    title:  Differential Cryptanalysis of the ICE Encryption Algorithm
    author: B. Van Rompay, L. Knudsen, V. Rijmen

    title:  The first two Rounds of MD4 are not One-Way
    author: H. Dobbertin

    title:  Differential Cryptanalysis of KHF
    author: D. Wagner

[See also D. Wagner: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~daw/me.html ]

  12h30 Lunch