17 April 1999. Thanks to GW.

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 23:53:58 EDT
To: jy@jya.com

[Forward G2-Forward]

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 23:09:19 -0400
From: Bill Feinbloom <wlf@tiac.net>
To: ai-admin <ai-admin@g2-forward.org>
Subject: (AI-Admin)Announcing Access Intelligence List from G2-Forward

Access Intelligence E-Mail List
a Service of G2-Forward

G2-Forward, a District of Columbia Non-Profit Corporation, is pleased to
announce the formation of a new Open Source Intelligence e-mail list.
The list will be known as Access Intelligence.

Access Intelligence is an unclassified e-mail list intended to provide
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) on situations and areas of the world of
interest to those persons involved in Military Operations, Intelligence,
Counterintelligence and Emergency Response fields. This list is
operated, at no costs to its members, by G2-Forward, a non-profit
District of Columbia Corporation. This list has no connection to or
affiliation with any department or agency of the United States
Government. The material available on this list is provided by its
membership. All members are encouraged to contribute to the list. This
list is not for chat, jokes or domestic political gossip. This list is
intended as a tool to aid professionals engaged in the business of
operating this nation's national security establishment. It is estimated
that normal, i.e. non-crisis situation, traffic will be between 60 and
90 messages per day.

This list is open to personnel engaged in United States Government
intelligence, counterintelligence, military (active/reserve) and
information warfare operations; DOD/OSD personnel working in
communications , crisis and consequence management operations. Retired
Military from the above fields are eligible. Select law enforcement
personnel, subject matter experts and academics are also eligible for

Persons wishing to apply for membership should send a message containing
their desire to apply to: <ai-admin@g2-forward.org> [but see bounces below].
The subject line of the message must be blank and the body of the message 
will contain the phrase SUBSCRIBE ACCESS INTELLIGENCE. Upon receipt of your
request you will be added to the list within 24 hours. You will receive a 
message from the list. Please read it carefully. All information provided 
in the course of applying for membership is kept completely confidential.

Material posted to this list is for the non-commercial use of the list
membership only. Commercial use of material from this list will result
in the removal from the list of the offending person(s).

PRIVACY POLICY: It is the policy of G2-Forward not to exchange, trade,
sell or otherwise divulge any information regarding the membership of
any list(s) operated or controlled by G2-Forward to any entity for
commercial or other purposes.

The Board of Directors of G2-Forward are Dr. Dorothy Denning, William
Feinbloom, Richard Forno, Dr. Alijandra Mogilner and Dr. Catherine
Woytowicz. The function of the Directors is to set general operating
policy for G2-Forward and to provide the necessary facilities for the
operation of the List.

Brief resumes of each of the Board Members follow:

Dr. Dorothy Denning: Dr. Denning is a Professor of Computer Science at
Georgetown University. Her current research encompasses the areas of
information warfare and assurance, encryption policy and technology, and
the impact of technology on law enforcement and society. Dr. Denning's
latest book is Information Warfare and Security (Addison Wesley, 1999).

William Feinbloom: Mr. Feinbloom is a Professional Engineer with more
than 25 years experience in the design of Telecommunication and Network
Systems. His areas of current interest are network organization and
design as well as distribution of content in a secure environment. Mr.
Feinbloom holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Chemistry and is a
former member of U. S. Army Special Forces.

Richard Forno: Mr. Forno is the Director of Security for Network
Solutions Inc.   Mr. Forno holds a degree in International Studies from
American University and was the youngest graduate of the Naval War
College in its history where he received a certificate in Strategic
Studies. His latest book is The Art of Information Warfare (Universal,

Dr. Alijandra Mogilner: Dr. Mogilner is a Anthropologist and writer
currently working in Open Source Intelligence. Dr. Mogilner's current
interests center on developing interactive information matrixes from
sociological and anthropological perspectives on cultural and religious
based conflicts. Dr. Mogilner is a recognized expert in the field of

Dr. Catherine Woytowicz: Dr. Woytowicz presently instructs in the fields
of Nursing and Chemistry at Loyola University of Chicago. Dr. Woytowicz
specializes in the areas of Organic and Analytical Chemistry as well as
Forensic Chemistry. Dr. Woytowicz, in addition to her Doctorate in
Chemistry, holds Honors degrees in Chemistry and Physics.