28 April 1998
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The founding editor of Intelligence Newsletter Olivier Schmidt and his team of international correspondents, who specialize in security and intelligence issues, have created a new electronic fortnightly publication, Intelligence.

Intelligence will continue the same high-quality reporting on world intelligence trends, services and operations that have been the team's trademark since 1980 when it first starting publishing a periodical journal. Each issue (nearly 100 K./30 pp.) includes a "Frontpage" story, "Technology," "People," and "Agenda" sections, as well as more than ten in-depth articles and over two dozen "Briefs" in the section "Intelligence Around the World." Intelligence will be bigger and less expensive than the team's previous printed version, Intelligence Newsletter, and of course it's immediately available to e-mail subscribers all over the world. It can also be sent as a hardcopy version on paper.

You can read samples, back issues and special online intelligence book excerpts here on our Website:


Subscription prices are US $315 per year (23 issues including a complete annual index) payable in U.S. dollars or in French Francs to the ADI (16 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris, France). A special combined subscription for both the email and hardcopy versions is available for US $400.

We'll send you a free copy of Intelligence by email or mail on request. Currently only an English version is available, but we are preparing a French version in cooperation with Protexarms, and we hope to be able to supply a Russian version soon.

A joint email subscription for one year to Intelligence and to the daily Intelligence Watch Reports (Boston) is also available for $400.

We hope to meet you online soon via Intelligence!

Olivier Schmidt
ADI, 16 rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris, France
e-mail: oschmidt@dialup.francenet.fr
tel/fax 33 1

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Title Date Description ========== ======== ========================================== DESCRIPTIONS This descriptive listing About_IN 07/03/95 About the "Intelligence" Newsletter lockerbie 07/03/95 PanAm 103 and Lester Coleman's DEA Story brits795 07/03/95 Mysteries on the Scottish Moors, SAS-Ulster, more usa795 07/03/95 Strange "Child Protection," Chicago Red Squad, more france795 07/24/95 France: Another anti-US Spy Flap Backfires namer795 07/24/95 USA: GPS and "wormholes," RCMP, more euro795 07/24/95 No European Security Service on Horizon latamer895 08/28/95 Nica: Gringos Return; Colombia: Cali Cartel brits995 09/11/95 Invertron War Games, Hacking Dublin, more foster995 09/11/95 Foster Case Runs into PROMIS, BCCI, Covert Ops mideast995 09/11/95 Pollard, Lebanon, Vanunu, Israelis Train Muslims? tech995 09/11/95 Clipper, PGP, Hackers and Netscape, Windows95, more schmidt.toc 10/30/95 Table of contents: Int'l Intelligence Agencies ire.n95 11/06/95 Irish news from Intelligence #25 eeu.n95 11/06/95 E.Europe, Russian news from Intelligence #25 af.n95 11/06/95 Africa news from Intelligence #25 carib.n95 11/06/95 Caribbean and Latin Amer news from Intelligence #25 Eurointel 01/04/96 An Inventory of European Intelligence Services - Klerk Analysis 01/04/96 Main Developments, Intell Svces of CSCE, Japan - Klerk picadilly 01/08/96 Code Name "Picadilly:" The Murder of Georgi Markov brits96.122 01/22/96 English and Irish Intelligence News france96.122 01/22/96 French SPOT, other French Intelligence news usa96.122 01/22/96 Terrorism Keeps the CIA Alive tech96.205 02/05/96 Internet and Intelligence news eire96.205 02/05/96 Ireland: Orange Split in N.Ireland; Gallagher, more iraq-uk.296 02/05/96 The SAS and Saddam Hussein latin96.205 02/05/96 Latin American Intelligence newsbriefs usa96.205 02/05/96 US Overhaul Projects; intelligence briefs vantraa_296 02/05/96 Netherlands: Van Traa Report a Best Seller cuba395 03/04/96 Cuba-USA and Jose Basulto Leon internet395 03/04/95 Intelligence: Internet in the News cophackers.429 04/29/96 Amsterdam's "Contras" hack the cops israel.429 04/29/96 Vanunu, Lebanon, Iran & Palestine news technobriefs.429 04/29/96 Misc. technical news from Intelligence usa37.513 05/13/96 USA: NSA Reveals Secrets of Heritage, more russia37.513 05/13/96 Russia and E.Europe Intelligence News latin37.513 05/13/96 Latin Amer & Caribbean news samples brits37.513 05/13/96 English/Occupied Ireland news samples AKs38.527 05/27/96 USA: On the AK-47 "Sting" Operation brits38.527 05/27/96 Embarrassing Bumbling by British, Irish "Justice" francebiz.610 06/10/96 France: Economic Warfare & Business Intelligence latin96.610 06/10/96 Caribbean & Latin Amer Intelligence newsbriefs israel39.610 06/10/96 Israel: Shin Bet, Vanunu, Turkey, more france40.624 06/24/96 France: Dueling with Bonn, nuclear intelligence usa40.624 06/24/96 USA: Terrorism, Counterfeiters & Computers mideast40.624 06/24/96 Mideast: Israel, Palestine, Syria & Saudi Arabia bulgaria.int41 07/15/96 Bulgarian Umbrella Still Not Closed worldint.int42 08/26/96 Intelligence Arund the World: US Olympics, more cybrterr.int43 09/09/96 Incompetence or Cyber-terrorists? latcarib.int43 09/09/96 Latin American & Caribbean Briefs twa800.int43 09/09/96 Civilian Airliners Missile Training Targets? twa800.int44 09/23/96 French Intelligence Theories on TWA 800 brits-usa.int45 10/07/96 Brit-US Intell: Joined at the Hip excerpts.int45 10/07/96 Excerpts from "Intelligence" #45 10/7/96 excerpts.int46 10/21/96 Excerpts from "Intelligence" #46 10/21/96

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