3 April 1998
Hardcopy thanks to DN

The CSIS Press Spring 1998


The Information Revolution and International Security

Ryan Henry and C. Edward Peartree, editors

Foreword by Joseph S. Nye , Jr.

Contributors: Lawrence E. Blume, Dorothy Denning, James Der Derian, Ryan Henry, Martin Libicki, Edward Luttwak, Carl O'Berry, C. Edward Peartree, James N. Rosenau, M. Mitchell Waldrop

This companion volume to The Information Revolution and National Security (CSIS, 1996) brings together a diverse set of thinkers from the policy analysis, military, government, and academic communities to consider the implications of the Information Revolution for international security. While the discussion includes military affairs, it also considers the global, social, economic, and political changes occurring because of the Information Revolution and their potential effects on the international security environment -- for example, the impact of global information networks on national economies and of new information technologies on diplomacy and governance. This provocative, informed exploration is written for policymakers, legislators, and others seeking and overview of key global security issues accompanying this technology revolution.

Ryan Henry is vice president for advanced planning and strategy with SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) in Arlington, Virginia. C. Edward Peartree is a foreign affairs officer with the U.S. State Department's Office of Strategic Policy and Negotiations in Washington, D.C.

CSIS Significant Issues Series
ISBN 0-89206-299-1


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