28 February 1999

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Case Title: JOHNSON, CARL Case Number: 7-9804-0029
Type of Activity:

[   ]Personal Interview
[   ] Telephone Interview
[   ] Records Review
[X] Other


September 25,1998
Time:     Conducted by:

Inspector J. GORDON

Activity/interview of (Include all necessary data):

Chronology of Events Involving CARL JOHNSON

Location of Interview or Activity:

1220 S.W. Third Ave
Portland. OR 97204

The following is a chronological summary of events involved in the investigation of CARL JOHNSON:

3/16/97 Toto (CARL JOHNSON) requests and receives instructions on using the "lucifer" anonymous remailer.

3/22/97 Toto and JAMES BELL exchange messages regarding Assassination Politics.

3/31/97 Toto and JAMES BELL exchange additional messages regarding Assassination Politics.

4/1/97 IRS executes a search warrant on the residence of JAMES BELL.

4/3/97 Assassination Politics text is added to the CARLJOHN web page (per file date, from Sympatico and 540 computer).

4/5/97 JOHNSON writes For Whom The Bell Trolls story involving JIM BELL (per file date).

4/7/97 Jbell1 file on JOHNSON's computer contains portions of the BELL search Warrant affidavit (per file date).

5/9/97 JOHNSON writes to book agents attempting to sell his Internet stories (per file date).

5/16/97 BELL is arrested by IRS Inspectors.

5/21/97 "The Bell Plan" message is posted to Cypherpunks by Toto (per PGP signature) "I cannot in good conscious allow Jim Bell's persecution...to pass by without taking personal action to support him."

5/21/97 JOHNSON installs "Magic Folders" hidden file system on his (two) computers (per file date).

5/23/97 The complaint against JIM BELL is posted to the Internet and announced on Cypherpunks.

5/24/97 The Assassination Politics Bot program is activated on the CARLJOHN web site (per file date, from Sympatico and 540 computer).

5/31/97 A reference is made to the Assassination Politics Bot web site in a message to Cypherpunks from "DeathMonger"

Form 8052.WR Rev 10/95 Page # 9  Exhibit # 1  Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service

Case Title: JOHNSON CARL                                  | Case Number: 7-9804-0029

6/3/97 In a message to Cypherpunks, TruthMonger states " there are now at least two active AP Bots on the internet." The messaqe is posted through the "lucifer" anonymous remailer.

6/23/97 Anonymous "Dead Lucky" message is posted to Cypherpunks list, naming a Magistrate Judge and Inspectors. The message is posted using the "lucifer" anonymous remailer.

7/18/97 BELL pleads guilty, a copy of the press release is e-mailed to Cypherpunks and Toto by IRS.

7/29/97 Message from "TruthMonger" to the Cypherpunks list involving JIM BELL, containing the statement "Did you know that when he arrested, there were no Assassination Bot's in existence, and that there are now at least six prototypes currently in operation?"

9/4/97 Second message involving Dead Lucky posted to Cypherpunks, referencing the Assassination Politics Bot at the CARLJOHN web page.

9/4/97 The Assassination Politics Bot is located and tested by Inspectors.

9/6/97 Toto writes "INFOWAR DECLARED!!!" message and declares an "electronic state of war". Toto proposes distributing keys among the "Circle of Eunuchs" if the need should arise (hard copy from search warrant and copy on 540 computer).

9/6/97 Proof of CoE file mentions "CoE Identities in new venture" (from file date).

9/12/97 Anonymous message regarding killing politicians (printout in JOHNSON's residence).

9/13/97 Forged KENT CRISPIN e-mail to the President, mentioning BELL (from JOHNSON's computer).

9/15/97 JOHNSON writes "Marked for Deletion" on a message involving Senator DIANE FEINSTEIN.

9/16/97 "!!! DEATH THREAT !!!" message sent to BILL GATES from truthmailer tm@dev.null. The message is signed "A. Fiend". (outgoing copy on JOHNSON's computer, received at Microsoft, also an "InfoWar" HTML).

9/24/97 Copy of a "!!! DEATH THREAT !!!" message sent to Senator KENNEDY from hc@dev.null is posted to Cypherpunks, including "..fucked their friend..for making a stink with the IRS".

9/24/97 Copy of a "!!! DEATH THREAT !!!" message sent to Senator DIANE FEINSTEIN from hc@dev.null is posted to Cypherpunks.

9/28/97 JOHNSON does Internet search for the e-mail address of Washington State legislator KAREN SCHMIDT.

9/28/97 A.B. Terroroist at@dev.null sends a potentially threatening e-mail message to legislator KAREN SCHMIDT, with a copy to the Cypherpunks. (same terroroist misspelling is on the C.J. PARKER Hate Page).

10/9/97 JOHNSON downloads a "Telephone Bomb Threat Checklist".

11/4/97 Toto exchanges e-mail with Sympatico, and he is asked to stop using a forged e-mail return address of dev.null.

12/9/97 "Encrypted InterNet DEATH THREAT!!! / ATTN: Ninth District Court Judges / PASSWORD so" message is posted to Cypherpunks, from "hc@dev.null".

Form 8052.WR Rev 09/95 Page # 10  Exhibit #    Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service

Case Title: JOHNSON CARL                                  | Case Number: 7-9804-0029

12/9/97 ADAM BACK creates a new PGP key (found on JOHNSON's key ring).

12/9/97 The toto@sk.sympatico.ca account password is publicly posted to the Usenet (password is changed the next day by Sympatico).

12/10/97 The "Dead Lucky" assassination program file is PGP encrypted to the toto@sk.sympatico.ca key (from file date, 540 computer).

12/12/97 BELL sentencing.

12/13/97 Toto points ERIC CORDIAN to the "carljohn" Assassination Bot web site in a message involving JIM BELL's sentence and Judge BURGESS. (Outgoing message 540 computer).

12/13/97 TruthMailer file containing an incoming copy of the 12/9/97 Encrypted InterNet DEATH THREAT!!! Message (from JOHNSON's computer).

12/14/97 Toto posts InfoWar document to the Cypherpunks, which inciuded a copy of the "Encrypted Intertnet DEATH THREAT!!! / ATTN: Ninth District Court Judqes".

12/14/97 Message from "Human Gus-Peter hg-p@dev.null" discussing the "AP-BOT results" and their effect on the Judge and government officials involved in the BELL case. (Appears to be outgoing copy from trash.mbx).

12/14/97 Second message from "Human Gus-Peter hg-p@dev.null" discussing BELL and the AP-BOT (Appears to be outgoing copy from trash.mbx).

12/17/97 "666" file including SSN discussion and "Threatening PRES, but he can't floor me, As long as PRZ don't backdoor me, Giving out my cleartext to the Feds." (PRZ is PGP founder PHIL R. ZIMMERMAN).

12/18/97 LMOS file involving hg-p@dev.null (hg-p = Human Gus Peter, from file date).

12/24/97 Outgoing e-maii message from Toto to Cypherpunks discussing "Digital Revolutionaries" and stating "The Revolution is Now!".

1/9/98 E-mail from TruthMonger to Bill Gates and Cypherpunks titled "Will Be: DEATH THREAT !!! to Follow..." and mentioning "In my last thinly veiled death threat to BadBillyC...". Also "stopping in at Tacoma and Portland and ringing a few AP Bells". Contains misspelled word "RINCIN".

1/14/98 JOHNSON fills out Kino Community Hospital (Tucson, AZ) Registration Form using false SSN 608-335-345.

1/14/98 "RINCIN AP" (misspelled) anonymously posted to Cypherpunks.

1/15/98 E-mail from TruthMonger to the President and Cypherpunks titled "I'm going to count to ten...", mentions a "GunSight I've got trained on BadBillyG". Also "look out of your office window. Do you see the sniper, sitting on the rooftop of....OK, just kidding". "I honestly consider myself a viable prospect as a corporate/political assassin".

3/9/98 E-mail from Toto to Attila, discusses "thinly veiled death threat " to BILL CLINTON and biological weapons as revenge.

3/14/98 JOHNSON creates a TRIN (The Revolution is Now) "Targets" file with information on FLETC and various Federal agencies. (from seized computer)

Form 8052.WR Rev 09/95 Page # 11  Exhibit #    Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service

Case Title: JOHNSON CARL                                  | Case Number: 7-9804-0029

3/20/98 Assassination message sent from Toto to BILL GATES "I'm still planning your assassination, my support of you is only to shorten the line ahead of me." "Blanc, Jeff, are you in position? Can you get off a clean shot?" (outgoing message on computer)

3/21/98 Toto discusses GATES Assassination message in private e-mail with BLANC WEBER.

3/22/98 Toto sends anonymous message to GATES with a portion of BLANC WEBER's response. (outgoing message on computer).

3/22/98 Message from Toto to the Cypherpunks "I send weekly death threats to Bill Gates."

3/25/98 "The Official Royal Canadian Mounted Police HATE Page" is placed on the CARLJOHN web site (from file date).

3/25/98 Telephone logs from JOHNSON's residence match access logs to the Internet account controlling the CARLJOHN web site.

3/25/98 JOHNSON writes TRIN~1 (The Revolution is Now) document (from file date).

3/25/98 "Potential Bill Gates Assassins Union" message sent to Cypherpunks.

3/31/98 JOHNSON sends "CNN-Deathmonger" message to Cypherpunks, including a reference to "Weber's anger over the TruthMonger Cult of One Clan including references to her in their Death Threat!!! (s) against an unnamed billionaire from Redmond, Washington". (From 2.2 outgoing messages).

4/1/98 RCMP is notified of "hate" page. 4/2/98 Sympatico removes the CARLJOHN web site.

4/5/98 E-mail from Toto to the President and others discussing when "killing is justified" (outgoing e-mail).

4/5/98 Toto receives an automated e-mail response from the Whitehouse.

4/7/98 RCMP executes a warrant on JOHNSON's residence, JOHNSON's computers are seized.

4/9/98 "The Official Royal Canadian Mounted Police HATE Page" is posted to Cypherpunks by TruthMonger.

4/11/98 Message to Cypherpunks from sonofgomez@hotmail.com includes "Question of the Week: How many dead bodies does it take to spell: "I TOLD YOU I WAS CRAZY!!!"

4/13/98 Message from "C.J. Parker toto@sk.sympatico.ca" to Time Reporter DECLAN MCCULLAGH with the subject"!!! DEATH THREAT !!!" discussing the seizure of his computers.

4/14/98 Toto posts "The Official C.J. Parker Hate Page" to Cypherpunks, containing the misspelled word "terroroist". The post also identifies "C.J. Parker (aka - Toto, TruthMonger #0, #1, #709)".

4/14/98 Message from "C.J. Parker toto@sk.sympatico.ca" to Time Reporter DECLAN MCCULLAGH containing the statement "I have no interest in being a martyr... just a fucking loudmouthed asshole."

Form 8052.WR Rev 09/95 Page # 12  Exhibit #    Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service

Case Title: JOHNSON CARL                                  | Case Number: 7-9804-0029

4/15/98 Message from "TruthMonger toto@sk.sympatico.ca" to Time Reporter DECLAN MCCULLAGH containing the statements "..in an email sent to a fiend at the dev null server" and "I am, after all, the TruthMonger. Toto".

4/19/98 "Wanted / Dead or Alive" message posted to Cypherpunks.

4/28/98 Message from DaveNull@hotmail.com to Cypherpunks including "I think I should go down to a local school and start randomly slaughtering children." (From 326 computer)

5/14/98 An e-mail message from Toto to BILL GATES sent through an anonymous remailer. (From 326 computer)

5/29/98 File date on the beginning paragraphs of the (6/8/98) Bienfait Nutly News message, found on a disk during the Search Incident to Arrest (SIA) of JOHNSON.

5/30/98 File date on the "TERROR.PLN" document, found on a disk during the SIA.

6/1/98 Witnesses see JOHNSON in the Estevan Courthouse with a computer case.

6/3/98 One bomb is discovered in the basement of the Estevan Courthouse contained in a computer case.

6/8/98 Bienfait Nutly News message posted to Cypherpunks discussing the bomb.

6/8/98 Reporter DECLAN MCCULLAGH receives four anonymous messages discussing two bombs in Canada. The messages were signed "A. Fiend".

6/9/98 Canadian Police execute a second search warrant on JOHNSON's residence.

6/10/98 MCCULLAGH receives an e-mail message involving receipt of disks.

6/17/98 A message posted to Cypherpunks from the LINDA REED account discusses mailing disks to MCCULLAGH and a "second" device in Canada.

6/20/98 A LINDA REED BNN message to Cypherpunks discusses a "virtualnuclear Diskette Bomb Soft Target World Tour" and specifics of the Canadian Courthouse bomb incident.

7/20/98 A LINDA REED message to Cypherpunks discusses JAMES BELL and disrupting the Seattle court computer systern.

7/25/98 A LINDA REED message to Cypherpunks discusses using "biochemical agents" in terrorist type attacks. Includes misspelled word "Rincin".

7/27/98 A LINDA REED message to Cypherpunks discusses JIM BELL and states "The rEvolution is NOW! All that really needs to be said, is "BOOM!"

7/27/98 JOHNSON is interviewed by the Secret Service. He acknowledges that he is Toto and TruthMonger, that the 12/9/97 threat message looks like his stuff, and that he used the LINDA REED account. He also admitted authoring "The Official RCMP Hate Page". JOHNSON gives the Secret Service a false SSN.

7/31/98 Anonymous message to Cypherpunks describes JOHNSON's interview with the Secret Service.

Form 8052.WR Rev 09/95 Page # 13  Exhibit #    Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service

Case Title: JOHNSON CARL                                  | Case Number: 7-9804-0029

7/31/98 Encrypted E-mails sent from Toto to DECLAN MCCULLAGH. Toto discusses having his computers seized, and states "what I am doing is with the intent to shake up a complacent system of automatomatism which I regard as detrimental to the evolution of humanity" "the issue of...existent or non-existent bomb, are really nickle-and-dime, ..as I have already set in motion activities of far greater and far-reaching consequence." "In short, although I have recently been the instigator or coconspirator ..of actions and activities which undoubtedly meet the profile of ApsychoticAntiGovernmentTerroristMonster ...ToBeFramedLater.."

7/31/98 - 8/2/98 JOHNSON is escorted from the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel after discussing bombs. (exact date unknown)

8/1/98 E-mail from toto@fhouse.org to Cypherpunks containing "PRZ, Some guys from the Secret Service came to see me about the Death Threats I've been sending you." (Printout found during search incident to arrest).

8/3/98 JOHNSON pawns his watch in Las Vegas using a false SSN.

8/4/98 JOHNSON pawns his knife in Las Vegas using a false SSN

8/13/98 Message to Cypherpunks from toto@fhouse.org discussing his being thrown out of the Plaza Hotel for making a bomb threat.

8/18/98 JOHNSON is arrested by Inspectors. The SIA uncovers 11 computer disks. JOHNSON spits in Inspector MASON's eye.

9/1/98 JOHNSON's sister notifies the Cypherpunks that JOHNSON has been arrested.

9/8/98 The complaint involving JOHNSON is posted on the Internet by a Cypherpunk.

9/8/98 JOHNSON sends a handwritten letter to DECLAN MCCULLAGH containing the statements "This is even 'after' taking into account my spitting in a US Treasury Agent's eye..", "the Complaint seems to amount to - once the smoke & mirrors are cleared away - one Entertainment BOT and one anonymous email 'authenticated' by what I suspect will turn out to be a Communal 'Magic Circle' PGP digital signature.", and "BTW, the 'Dead Lucky AP-Bot' received just three votes - for Rabid Wombat, Toto, and for Donald Duck (If I remember correctly)."

9/11/98 JOHNSON sends a handwritten letter to DECLAN MCCULLAGH for Judge NANCY FIORA containing the statement "Love + Kisses, A Violent Psycho Kilier To BE Named Later."

9/18/98 The correct passwords for JOHNSON's PGP secret keys are posted to the Internet.

9/19/98 Cypherpunk ADAM BACK posts a challenge to create a fake public key which would falsely authenticate the 12/9/97 threatening message.

9/22/98 A working fake public key named "Toto, too?" is anonymously posted to Cypherpunks, which falsely authenticates the 12/9/97 threatening message.

10/13/98 An anonymous message posted to Cypherpunks contains the secret and public keys involved in the 12/9/97 threatening message. The message also contains the same password of the toto Sympatico Internet account that was publicly posted on 12/9/97.

Form 8052.WR Rev 09/95 Page # 14  Exhibit #    Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service