3 May 1999: See related paper by Benjamin, Gladman and Randell: http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/research/trs/papers/631.ps

1 May 1999

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Looks like an interesting talk, however I won't be able to attend.  If
anyone going would are to make a transcript I'd love to take a peek.


Khushil Dep
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Subject: Information Warfare, Cyber Terrorism, ...



		Tuesday 4 May 1999
		2.30 pm

		Information Warfare, Cyber Terrorism and
		Computer Crime, Threats and Defences


		Dr Ralph Benjamin

Consultant and Visiting Professor at Imperial College.  Dr. Benjamin's
earlier positions have been as Director and Chief Scientist, Admiralty
Underwater-Weapons Establishment, Superintendent Director and Chief
Scientist, GCHQ and Head of Communications Techniques and Networks,Nato
Supreme HQ.


The talk will briefly consider some of the evidence that there is a real
problem, and how it could affect  various aspects of the fabric of the
nation. It will then indicate the essential commonalities between
Information Warfare and Computer Crime - and intermediate scenarios -
particularly as regards interconnected systems serving significant
operations.  It will outline the types of threat, their nature and their
trends.  The main part of the talk will then deal with the various
architectural and other technical, cryptographic, procedural and
administrative actions, which jointly can hopefully contain the threat,
and it will indicate how their relative priorities might be determined.
Conclusions will summarise the nature of the threat and defences and the
action required.


The lecture will be in room 831, 8th Floor, Claremont Tower, Tea and
biscuits will be served in the Common Room (Room 924) after the talk.

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