8 July 1998

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Source: From a person who received a telehone call
from Jim Bell yesterday (from prison). Jim asked that 
this message be publicized.


By this post he is publically accusing the Federal Government 
of having spied on him from two physical addresses.  These are 
two houses to the North & to the East of his parent's house.  
The government moved in within 6 months (approx) of the time 
before his arrest.

One of the addresses is 7217 Mississippi, which is listed as 
"Billy King", who died a couple of years ago.  The  house is 
ostensibly being occupied by his widow (or that is the
impression).  It is listed as being as owned by Alverna King, 
but he has his doubts.

The other is address is 7302 Corregidor, purchased about 2.5 - 3 
years ago by someone. Listed as being the address of Sundown 
Development, a small business company.  A second floor was added 
soon after it was acquired by the company.  They aren't listed as 
the owners on record, but they are listed as being at that address.  
Thinks this is a sham.

The govmt was basically next door spying on him for at least a 
year, before it started provoking him.  In response to his using 
the internet for freewheeling debate, they engaged in some 
bugging that is illegal under Washington State law.  It is illegal 
to use bugging without the knowledge of the participants.

He has developed a technique for identifying when someone is 
tailing him.  Found this on Father's day when some people got a 
little too close to him.  He drove to his Sister's party on Hayden 
Island in Oregon, and noticed the tails.  Identified them as Rixen 
Marine, which he thinks is a sham, another front organization.  One 
of the reasons he was arrested (though they're not willing to admit 
it) is because was way too successful in tailing _them_.  A few 
more days and he would have blown their entire operation.

He couldn't go into the details of how he found out these things. 
Did research & sophisticated observation. Will be getting friends 
to do searches in databases, etc. to gather more info to substantiate 
his suspicions.

He said his recent arrest was on a probation violation charge - 
failure to pay a fine or something, wasn't clear on the specifics.  
There will be a hearing on his case this Friday the 10th.

Prosecutors last year didn't know what the govmt was up to - not 
told of the spying (a "black operation").  Their method of spying 
on him are techniques which are possible, though rarely used.  If 
people knew they would be very surprised.  It will be a big story - 
big as Watergate - when it comes out.  Their usage of these high-tech 
methods for access is difficult, so not used often.    The government 
is trying to cover up their reaction to what he wrote in his essays.

<end of message>