17 December 1997
Source: Anonymous

For background: http://jya.com/jimbell7.htm

Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 15:32:43 -0800
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Letter from Jim 12/17

I received a letter from Jim today.   He apologizes for taking so long to
reply, citing his transfer to the Federal Detention Center and that, at
that time, everything except his legal papers were "lost", including my
address and telephone number. ... He says (for your web page, John): 


. He mentions that he was sentenced to 11 months, and that mathematics
suggests that since he's been in for almost 7 months, he only has 4 months
to go.  "It'll be hard to wait this long, but that's life."

. "Unfortunately, I've been getting some highly-distorted (bad) publicity
in the last few weeks.  It is obvious that the government is trying to
engage in a "character assassination" spree against me.  They will fail in
the end, but it will be painful to me until then.  Please explain this to
the public.  Thanks."

. Currently he's only allowed one call per week, and so he will be making
that call to his relatives.  However, he does intend to write.  

. It won't be possible to make visits to him at this time, because, "This
place has weird rules, as it is supposed to be a "temporary" holding
facility, and only close family members are allowed to visit."

.  "If anyone has an old paperback copy of the book "2010" that they can
spare, I'd appreciate it."

.  His new address:

		Register 26906-086
		Federal Detention Center
		P.O. Box 68976
		Seattle, WA 98168