30 July 1997
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Subject: Escrow conference in Brussels
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 09:54:20 +0100
From: Ross Anderson <Ross.Anderson@cl.cam.ac.uk>

                       CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT


                 Developing Privacy and Security Policy
                  for the European Information Society

                            Organised by

                       PRIVACY INTERNATIONAL

                      Cooperating Organisations

                  Communications Week International
                Electronic Privacy Information Center
                   Global Internet Liberty Campaign
                              Terra Nova

                      Monday, 15 September 1997

                 Belliard Building, European Parliament
                           Brussels, Belgium

As Europe creates the Information Society,  ensuring the security and
privacy of its advanced telecommunications and computer networks has
become critically important. Cryptography is a crucial technology to
protect these networks. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies, led by
the the United States, are lobbying national governments and
international organizations for laws and international agreements to
enhance their abilities to monitor  networks through the use of "trusted
third parties," key escrow and key recovery systems. This has met with
considerable debate and resistance in many countries and international

This conference will bring together leading legal and technical experts
>from around the world to discuss encryption and telecommunications
security with a focus on issues raised by trusted third party, key escrow
and key recovery systems. A panel of leading cryptographers and computer
security experts will examine the technical problems and risks raised.
Representatives from governments, human rights groups, industry, user
groups, and international organizations will discuss their perspectives
and provide updates on developments from around Europe and the world.

Keynote Speaker: Commissioner Mario Monti, European Union (invited)

       Confirmed Speakers

    Dr. Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge, UK
    David Banisar, Electronic Privacy Information Center, USA
    Dr. Matt Blaze, AT&T Labs, USA
    Tony Bunyan, Statewatch, UK
    Carl Ellison, CyberCash
    Simon Davies, London School of Economics & Privacy International
    Deborah Hurley, Terra Nova
    Dr. Erik Huizer, Internet Architecture Board & SURFNet, NL
    Wayne Madsen, Global Internet Liberty Campaign
    Hiroko Kamata, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    Marc Rotenberg, Electronic Privacy Information Center, USA
    Bruce Schneier, Counterpane Systems and Author, Applied Cryptography
    Christine Sottong-Micas, DG 15, European Commission
    Dr. Ulrich Sandl, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Germany
    Prof. Alex Verrijn-Stuart, Chair, Legal & Security Issues Network,
      Council of European Professiona Informatics Societies (CEPIS) &
      Leiden University, NL
    Dr. Steven Wright, Omega Foundation, UK


	8300 Bfr / US$225.00 Standard Rate
	2700 Bfr / US$85.00 Human Rights/Academia Rate



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  Address:   __________________________________________________________


  Phone/Fax: __________________________________________________________

  Electronic  Mail:____________________________________________________

  Credit card Number/Expiration _______________________________________
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  [] Standard - 8100 Bfr ($225 US)
  [] Non-profit organizations/Educational - 3100 Bfr ($85 US)

  Fax Registration form and credit card number to +1 202.547.5482

  Send Check or Money Order in $US made out to Privacy International to:

	Privacy International Washington Office
	666 Pennsylvania Ave, SE, Suite 301
	Washington, DC 20003 USA

Online registration and payment using First Virtual is available at



More information about the conference including the agenda,online
registration, Brussels hotel and tourist information, and other related
materials is available from the Privacy International web page at:



Privacy International (PI) is a human rights organization concerned with
privacy, surveillance and data protection issues worldwide.  It has
members in over forty countries and is based in London, England with
offices in Washington, DC and Sydney, Australia.  PI has engaged in
numerous campaigns on privacy issues, publishes the International Privacy
Bulletin, sponsors yearly conferences, and maintains an extensive
Internet web site at http://www.privacy.org/pi/


David Banisar, Privacy International Washington Office o 666
Pennsylvania Avenue, SE o Washington, D.C. 20003 USA. +1.202.544.9240
(voice), +1.202.547.5482 (fax),  ast3@privacy.org (email),