10 February 1999. Three corrections are in blue below. Thanks to LM.

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Note: Those in red are from earlier corrections.

Page 21

C. KEA Exchange for E-Mail

p=9d4c6e6d 42ea91c8 28d67d49 94a9f01b 8e5b5b73 0d0faae7 bd569dd1
914e3ad4 759c8053 31eda145 9fb56be8 a8de4736 652a82b2 76e82acd
63f5b78d 0b75a03e b34d397d be7b3740 8f72136a cb0879fe 61c718a3
7f5154b5 078a7649 fb3d4fb4 c481e010 62c5241f 229fa580 423368dd
51090dbf 25351f0c 5800de05 b92ba6a9
q=97ad85fd 2b371ed0 69818ab3 c6ee8773 d9db029d
g=595d3443 ec897c82 51e5fa9d 02ab8b75 c0fc57b0 969f880d a366a100
01912a01 96bcb81c 41ac8485 031ac598 b5481eae 2726b719 d8d9915a
61059734 72386c0a 6a2c732c d6700d34 1f54bf28 d12d692d e2fa05f5
5e898c2e 20bb8a26 02db1ba0 7de672e3 b96d9ac2 9a188450 63d918c3
2ed71266 b783311a 0a8d08ac 487bea44

ra=6201dd56 237c228a 3f54bc7e 794bdf32 41c67ea6
xa=62319ac4 7de14518 0abd322c 59e2b600 2781e494
Ya=2d29ecd0 2e3497a6 7222d8de bc286131 d149f458 1b3e586d 0151024c
02e8b23d a09a430e 2ca5ed1a 4b2d7725 62316e4d 2804d226 788284ed
655cf546 10d38f66 fab1a0a2 e2d3c661 4401901d 9758d566 722aff1f
734b2adb d2b67f13 00ce455f 00968ca7 91a87678 67363d7d 49ee74a2
8dc349d9 fdfdb96b 01f0fc1f 0690ec96

xb=63decdad 4487eb71 31dff4f5 1cfbae39 446b9b3d
Yb=7730d4bb f3a2efdb 218e7041 3e861020 14cec06c 205f5419 293h65c6
9a971e54 55eb79a0 bdb90ab2 14c5240e de6cfdd5 8c7c19c5 269d57df
f60b61c1 db2ff648 64bee519 87f27003 4bc390ad 73168209 5e42608c
3d7987f9 649fbf71 6887633e b574b39c c73df899 51fc1bd6 d3889d48
fe2244b8 29afd405 06ab9221 ba562c07