21 March 1998
Source: http://www.dtic.mil/stinet/NDIA/NLD3/alex.pdf (88K)

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Johns Hopkins
Applied Physics Laboratory

Laurel, Maryland

25 and 26 February, 1998

John B. Alexander. Ph.D.
Organizer and Chairman

     Non-Lethal Defense III is designed as a response to the requirements articulated in Non-Lethal Defense II held 6-7 March 1996 in Arlington, Virginia. At that time senior defense and law enforcement officials discussed what they believed to be an urgent need for the research, development, and acquisition of new non-lethal weapons. Since then, the US Department of Defense has formalized the Non-Lethal Weapons Program and created the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate to administer that program.

     In addition to many technical presentations, you will hear from the key people responsible for making this program a reality. They will include the policy people from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, National Security Council, and National Institute of Justice. You will also be exposed to soldiers and law enforcement officials who have been on the ground bringing non-lethal weapons to peace support in Bosnia, Haiti, Somalia and other hot spots as well as to the streets of America.

     In the development of this conference we have had many calls from representatives of foreign governments. A few have chosen to present. Others are here to observe. Having served on several NATO studies relating to non-lethal weapons, I know of both the interest and controversy surrounding the introduction of these systems. The reality is that some of you have far more experience than we in use of force during difficult domestic situations. We can learn from that and hope that you will contribute to the sessions.

     Most, but not all, of the papers are included in these proceedings. Abstracts of papers that were missing at the publication date are included. Also, we received some abstracts too late to be include in the agenda. However, I considered the information to be significantly important that I included them in this package. Time permitting we will attempt to fit them into a very tight schedule.

     It should also be noted that the papers were received in a camera ready condition. Therefore, except in rare electronic submissions, I did not edit the papers for spelling or grammar. Rather. they were photocopied exactly as they arrived.

     As with all conferences of this nature, a number of people have worked for several months to pull it all together. We are indebted to the program committee for their contributions. They Include:

     The conference administration has been handled by personnel from the National Defense Industrial Associate [as written] (NDIA). The participants in our planning sessions include:


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