13 January 1999

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[Commerce Business Daily: Posted February 5, 1997]
From the Commerce Business Daily Online via GPO Access

CLASSCOD: 70--General-Purpose Information Technology Equipment
OFFADD: Department of the Navy, NAWCAD, Contracts Competency
  Division, MS32, 22541 Millstone Road, Patuxent River, MD 20670-5304
SOL N00421-97-R-1205
DUE 031997
POC Theresa Newbold, Contract Specialist, (301) 342-1825 (ext.
  113) L.P. Sanders, Contracting Officer, (301) 342-1825 (ext.
DESC: SYSTEMWARE, Inc. Portable Signal Analysis System for Tempest
  Testing of Aircraft. CLIN 0001 Portable Signal Analysis System
  shall consist of the following components: 1 ea. P/N SWI-100P
  Portable System Controller; 1 ea. SWI-7300-64SB 200/Msa/sec
  Digital Oscilloscope with 256 MB RAM and Scopectl control software;
  1 ea. SWI-BLIP Big Little Extraction Process System; 1ea. P/N
  SWI-DOM100E(S) Enhanced DOMINO Signal Analysis Software, 1
  ea. P/N SWI-RAS100E Enhanced Rastering Software. Delivery of
  the system shall be 45 days after date of contract. Delivery
  will be made to Receiving Officer, Naval Air Station, Patuxent
  River, MD 20670. The system will be procured on a sole source
  basis from SYSTEMWARE, Inc., 325 East Hillcrest Drive, Suite
  100, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-5828. The authority permitting
  this sole source procurement is FAR 6.302-1 "Only one responsible
  source and no other supplies or services will satisfy agency
  requirements." SYSTEMWARE is the only company who has a hardware
  system configuration and software that can perform specific
  TEMPEST NONSTOP and Digital Testing required by KAG-30A "Compromising
  Emanations Standard for Crytographic Equipment", the NACSEM
  5112 NONSTOP Evaluation Techniques, and the NTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92
  "Compromising Emanation, Laboratory Test Standards, Electromagnetic".
  The SYSTEMWARE system is the only system that can meet the
  following minimum performance requirements. 1) The system is
  portable. 2) The system can perform complete analysis without
  a signal monitor and works with digital, analog and noise signals.
  3) The SWI-RAS100E software provides a turnkey rastering system
  to run in the Microsoft Window's environment and will integrate
  with the SWI-7300 Digital Oscilloscope to permit the system
  to transfer rastered results to printers which are currently
  supported by Microsoft Windows. 4) The system software (i.e.
  SWI-DOM100E(S) and SWI-BLIP(S)) permits TEMPEST personnel to
  collect data and store data for later analysis. SYSTEMWARE
  exclusively possesses the data rights to the required software.
  This system software will function only when utilized in conjuction
  with the required SYSTEMWARE hardware configuration outlined
  above under CLIN 0001. Any questions regarding this synopsis
  may be faxed to the attention of Theresa Newbold (301) 342-1864.
  Notes (1) and (22) apply.
CITE: (I-036 SN028742)