29 April 1998

NSA Electronic Surveillance: Selected Readings

1972 Winslow Peck, former NSA analyst, Ramparts interview on NSA electronic interception: http://jya.com/nsa-elint.htm  (89K)

1976 Duncan Campbell, "British MP Accuses U.S. of Electronic spying," New Scientist, August 5, 1976, p. 268.

1979 Duncan Campbell, "The Threat of the Electronic Spies," New Statesman, February 2, 1979, pp. 140-44.

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1980 Duncan Campbell and Clive Thomas, "BBC's Trade Secrets," New Statesman, July 4, 1980, pp. 13-14.

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1981 Duncan Campbell, (Ed.) "Big Brother Is Listening - Phone tappers and the security state", 1st ed. Vol. 2. New Statesman, London.

1983 Duncan Campbell, "Spy in the Sky," New Statesman, September 9, 1983, pp. 8-9.

1983  James Bamford, The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America's Most Secret Agency, London, Penguin. Excerpts:

Chapter 8 - Partners  (76K)
Chapter 9 - Competition  (69K)
Chapter 10 - Abyss  (43K)

1984 Duncan Campbell, The Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier: American Military Power in Britain, London, Michael Joseph.

1985 Jeffrey T. Richelson and Desmond Ball, The Ties That Bind: Intelligence Cooperation Between the UKUSA Countries, London, Allen & Unwin.

1986 Duncan Campbell and Patrick Forbes, "UK's Listening Link to Apartheid," New Statesman, August 1, 1986, pp. 101-11.

1986 Duncan Campbell and S. Connor, On The Record, Michael Joseph, London.

1987 William Burrows, Deep Black: Space Espionage and National Security, New York, Random House. Excerpt:

Chapter 8 - Foreign Bases: A Net Spread Wide  (71K)

1988 Duncan Campbell, "They've Got It Taped," New Statesman, 12 August 1988, pp. 10-12. (The earliest public report on ECHELON.)

1989 Jeffrey T. Richelson, The U.S. Intelligence Community, New York, Ballinger. Excerpts:

Chapter 8 - Signals Intelligence  (97K)
Chaper 12 - Exchange and Liaison Arrangements  (72K)

1996 Nicky Hager, Secret Power: New Zealand's Role In the International Spy Network, Craig Potton, Nelson, New Zealand.

1996 Intelligence Online report on UKUSA cooperation: http://www.blythe.org/Intelligence/readme/brits-usa.int45

1998 Nicky Hager, Covert Action Quarterly article on ECHELON: http://jya.com/echelon.htm  (30K)

1998 European Parliament, STOA report, Assessment of the Technologies of Political Control: http://jya.com/stoa-atpc.htm  (295K)

The book excerpts provide extensive additional sources.

The National Security Agency Web site: http://www.nsa.gov:8080

Related US Office of Technology Assessment reports on electronic surveillance, 1972-1996: http://jya.com/esnoop.htm