25 November 1998. Thanks to Jennifer Spaeth, Committee Management Officer, <jspaeth@osd.pentagon.mil> (703) 695-4281
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NSA designated officers for the NSASAB: David Kokalis, Linda Warner (301) 688-6449

1997 Annual Report: Review of Federal Advisory Committee
11/25/98 10:50:27 AM
1. Department or Agency

2. Fiscal Year

Department of Defense


3. Committee or SubCommittee

3b. GSA Committee No.

National Security Agency Scientific Advisory Board


4. Is this New During Fiscal Year?

5. Current Charter

6. Expected Renewal Date

7. Expected Term Date

No 2/28/96 2/28/98 2/28/98
8a. Was Terminated During FY?

8b. Specific Termination Authority

8c.Actual Termination Date

No NSA REG. 11-3

9. Agency Recommendation for Next FY

10a.Legislation Req to Terminate?

10b.Legislation Pending?

Continue No
11. Establishment Authority

Agency Authority

12. Specific Establishment Authority

13. Effective Date

14. Committee Type

14c. Presidential?

NSA REG. 11-3 1/1/53 Continuing No
15. Description of Committee

Scientific Technical Program Advisory Board

16a. Total Number of Reports


16b. Report Titles and Dates
Reports are Classified or Sensitive


17a Open: 0

17b. Closed:


17c. Partially Closed:


17d. Total

Not Stated

11/13/96 11/14/96

Not Stated

4/10/97 4/11/97

Not Stated

5/15/97 5/16/97

Not Stated

7/8/97 7/9/97

Not Stated

9/9/97 9/10/97

Current Fiscal Year

Next Fiscal Year

18a(1) Personnel Pmts to Non-Federal Members $8,650 $12,000
18a(2) Personnel Pmts to Federal Members $7,950 $10,000
18a(3) Personnel Pmts to Federal Staff $191,040 $191,040
18a(4) Personnel Pmts to Non-member Consultants $0 $0
18b(1) Travel and Per Diem to Non-Federal Members $20,566 $40,000
18b(2) Travel and Per Diem to Federal Members $0 $0
18b(3) Travel and Per Diem to Federal Staff $0 $0
18b(4) Travel and Per Diem to Non-Member Consultants $0 $0
18c.Other(rents,user charges,graphics,printing,mail etc.) $2,000 $2,000
18d                Total $230,206 $255,040
19. Federal Staff Support Years 2.5 2.5
20a. How does the Committee accomplish its purpose?
The NSA Scientific Advisory Board (NSASAB) receives its tasks from the Director, NSA, in response to specific needs for specialized studies, reports, etc., identified to him by his senior executives. Tasks so identified are deemed to be of such significance to the accomplishment of the Agency's mission as to warrant an objective outsider's viewpoint. The NSASAB then accomplishes these tasks either in a committee-of-the whole or through smaller subcommittees formed from its membership and other duly appointed consultants. The results of these studies are presented to the Director and senior management is in the form of findings, conclusions, and recommendations. A number of reports prepared by the Board have resulted in a) significant improvements in relations with other Intelligence Community entities, b) heightened awareness and subsequent action by the Intelligence Community on a highly sensitive and timely issue, c) identification of state-of-the-art initiatives that the Agency might pursue to meet its future missions and d) improved exploitation of high interest signals intelligence.
20b. How does the Committee balance its membership?
Membership of the NSA Scientific Advisory Board is carefully selected to provide the broadest representation of technologies that pertain to the various technical interests, missions and operations of the Agency. Emphasis is placed on the following technical areas: electronics, military operations, computer and associated technologies, telecommunications, satellite communications, nuclear weapons and energy, signals intelligence, communications security, mathematics and aerospace. Representation is distributed among experts in these fields from the academic, industrial, military and governmental sectors.
20c. How frequent and relevant are the Committee meetings?
The NSASAB meets at the call of the Director, NSA/Chief, CSS, to deliberate on issues presented to it by the Director and to provide him with its considered opinions and recommendations thereto. During FY 97 the NSASAB met five times and the Math Panel met one time (generally in two day sessions). Without these meetings, at which members are briefed on the issues under study, deliberate, and prepare reports and recommendations, the NSASAB could not accomplish the tasks assigned to it by the Director, NSA.
20d. Why can't the advice or information this committee provides be obtained elsewhere?
Members of the NSASAB coflegially possess a unique composite of broadly based experience and technical knowledge that make them particularly effective in providing objective and valuable advice on Agency operations. Their broad past and present association in industry and govermment ensures that the Agency benefits from the widest source of ideas on a given issue
20e. Why is it necessary to close and/or partially close committee meetings?
There is no duplication of effort by any other committee within the Agency or with other agencies.
21. Remarks
There is no duplication of effort by any other committee within the Agency or with other agencies.
Designated Federal Official:   David P. Kokalis Executive Secretary, NSA Scientific Advisory Board
Committee Members Occupation
Total Count of Committee Members 0