8 April 1998

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[Federal Register: April 8, 1998 (Volume 63, Number 67)]
[Page 17214-17215]
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Antitrust Division

Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and
Production Act of 1993--Microelectronics and Computer Technology

    Notice is hereby given that, on October 8, 1997, pursuant to
Sec. 6(a) of the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of
1993, 15 U.S.C 4301 et seq. (``the Act''), microelectronics and
Computer Technology Corporation (``MCC'') has filed written
notifications simultaneously with the Attorney General and the Federal
Trade Commission disclosing changes in its membership. The
notifications were filed for the purpose of extending the Act's
provisions limiting the recovery of antitrust plaintiffs to actual
damages under specified circumstances.
    Specificially, the changes are as follows: The Central Intelligence
Agency, McLean, VA and Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA; have joined
MCC as Associate members. George Mason University, TradeWave
Corporation, and US West Advanced Technologies have withdrawn their
membership from MCC. Other changes in the membership are as follows:
At&T has transferred its share to NCR. Nortel has signed up for the
Quest project. NCR, Ceridian, and Texas Instruments have signed up for
the InfoSleuth II Projects. Intel Corporation and 3M have agreed to
participate in the Low Cost Portables project. Motorcola has signed up
for the Object Infrastructure Project. Ceridian has agreed to
participate in the SNT and Quest Projects. Hewlett Packard has signed
up for the SNT project. Bellcore and Texas Instruments have agreed to
participate in the Collaboration Management Infrastructure Project.
Southwestern Bell has withdrawn from the Quest Project. TRW has agreed
to participate in the HRM project.
    No other changes have been made in either the membership or planned
activity of MCC. Membership remains open and MCC intends to file
additional written notifications disclosing all membership changes.
    On December 21, 1984, MCC filed its original notification pursuant
to Sec. 6(b) of the Act. The Department of Justice published a notice
in the Federal Register pursuant to Sec. 6(b) of the Act on January 17,
1985 (50 FR 2633). The last notification was filed with the Department
on April 10, 1997 and

[[Page 17215]]

appeared in the Federal Register on May 19, 1997 (62 FR 27277).
Constance K. Robinson,
Director of Operations, Antitrust Division.
[FR Doc. 98-9151 Filed 4-7-98; 8:45 am]

This notice: Thanks to Anonymous to cypherpunks@cyberpass.net [Commerce Business Daily: Posted April 7, 1998] From the Commerce Business Daily Online via GPO Access [cbdnet.access.gpo.gov] PART: SPECIAL NOTICES OFFADD: National Small Business Council, Inc., 6440-E Dobbin Road, Columbia, MD 21045 SUBJECT: SIGNALS ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY EXPOSITION DESC: The Signals Analysis And Development Conference and Technical Exposition. "Developing Solutions Through Collaboration" Expo Dates: Thursday and Friday, April 23-24, 1998 Conference Dates: Monday, April 20 - Friday, April 24, 1998 Exhibitor space is now limited for the Signals Analysis Technology Exposition at the National Security Agency's OPS1 Building, April 23-24, 1998. The Signals Analysis and Development Office at NSA is specifically looking for technologies that support the Signal Processing and other technical efforts. Requested technologies for the expo include Signals Analysis, DSP Solutions, Image Processing, Visualization, Communications Engineering, Analytical Software, Transmission Analyzers, VTC, and Encryption. With over 25 companies already participating, space is running out! Don't miss your chance for this unique exposure opportunity! The conference seminars will be held at the National Security Agency OPS 1 Building, Friedman Auditorium. The conference is open to federal government personnel that have authorized clearances into the National Security Agency. The seminars will focus on an interactive involvement in the latest technology, techniques, and tools (software and hardware), both in use and being planned, for performing complex signals analysis and signals processing. Times will be allotted into the conference agenda for visiting with exhibiting companies. Please call Marla Slahetka, Conference Manager for NCSI, for information on exhibiting and conference seminars (301) 596-8899 x 216. For information on other upcoming NCSI events, please visit our web page at www.ncsievents.com. LINKURL: www.ncsievents.com LINKDESC: Technology Expos EMAILADD: slahetka@ncsievents.com EMAILDESC: Signals Analysis Technology Expo and Conference CITE: (W-097 SN187238)
[Commerce Business Daily: Posted April 6, 1998]
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OFFADD: Federal Business Council, Inc, 10810 Guilford Rd., Suite
  105, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
DESC: This 3-day colloquium on June 16,17 & 18 will attract over
  150 high-level leaders for the Intelligence Community, Government
  Agencies, Major Corporations, and Universities to discuss ways
  of enhancing and expanding all aspects of this  National Program.
  This event will be held at James Madison University- New Technology
  Building, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Exhibit space is available
  on  June 17th. Technologies of Interest for Exhibitors Include:
  Internet Security Training and Services, Training Needs Assessment,
  Training Evaluation-All Levels, Computer and Network Security
  Training, Web-Based Training, System and Network Administration
  Training, Train-The-Trainer Techniques and Materials, Development
  and Delivery of Training and Education Materials, Evalution
  of  GOTS and COTS Training Materials, Computer Based Training-
  Development and Delivery. For more information on exhibiting
  call The Federal Business Council (800)878-2940 ext.208.
LINKURL: http://www.fbcinc.com
LINKDESC: Click here to download our national schedule of IT
EMAILADD: angela@fbcdb.com
EMAILDESC: click here to e-mail our sales department.
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[Commerce Business Daily: Posted April 6, 1998]
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OFFADD: Federal Business Council, Inc, 10810 Guilford Rd., Suite
  105, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
DESC: There will be a one day web-based security conferece and
  exhibition held April 21, 1998 in Langley, VA for the Intel
  Community. Requested technologies include: Internet Security
  Products/Services, Web-based Training, Commerical Off the Shelf
  Products (COTS) Related To Security, Secure Communications
  Via the Web, Public Key In Certificates, Implementation X.
  509, Access Control, And Authentication. For more information
  on exhibiting call The Federal Business Council at (800)878-2940
  ext. 211. 
LINKURL: http://www.fbcinc.com
LINKDESC: Click here to download a copy of our national schedule
  of information technology events.
EMAILADD: sales@fbcdb.com
EMAILDESC: Click here to e-mail our sales department.
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[Commerce Business Daily: Posted April 1, 1998]
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OFFADD: National Small Business Council, Inc., 6440-E Dobbin
  Road, Columbia, MD 21045
DESC: On Wednesday May 27, 1998 and Thursday May 28, the National
  Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA)- Building 213 will be hosting
  ON-SITE Technology Expos from 10:00am-2:00pm. These events
  are being promoted to ALL Building 213 Personnel. This is an
  EXCLUSIVE NCSI Event!!! Most Personnel at this NIMA location
  are Imaging Analysts who formerly worked for the National Photophic
  and Imaging Center (NPIC), which was part of the CIA. With
  such great support from our sponsor, we are expecting another
  successful event!!! Some technologies of interest for this
  event include: Digital Imaging, Geographical Info Systems,
  Drafting/Modeling Tools, Navigational Software, Computer Engineering,
  Spatial Visualization, Document Imaging, Mapping Solutions,
  Optical Imaging, CAD Software, Visual Computing, Internet/Intranet,
  Global Imagery, Digital Copiers, High Resolution Printers,
  Global Positioning Systems, Digital Photography, Mapping Applications,
  Data Extraction, Laser/Color Printers, Design Automation, Plotters,
  Geodesy, Radar Imaging, Charting, Open Systems, Color Scanners,
  and Spatial Data. Space is Limited for this Highly Technical
  Event, so DON'T Miss the Chance to Exhibit YOUR Technologies!!!
  For more information about this event, please contact Kelly
  Szymanski of NCSI at (888)603-8899 x227. 
LINKURL: http://www.ncsievents.com
EMAILADD: szymanski@ncsievents.com
EMAILDESC: Kelly Szymanski
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[Commerce Business Daily: Posted March 31, 1998]
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CLASSCOD: A--Research and Development
OFFADD: Office of Special Technology, 10530 Riverview Road, Building
  3, Ft. Washington, MD 20744
SOL N39998-98-Q-3568
DUE 042198
POC Mr. Gil Buhrmann (301) 203-2670; Ms. Jennifer Dopp (301)
DESC: The Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) is soliciting
  proposals for research and development of systems and equipment
  for the following Physical Security mission area subgroups:
  Structural Blast Mitigation, Personnel Screening, Undervehicle
  Inspection System, Vehicle Bomb Detection, Automated Decision
  Support System for Force Protection, Non-Metal Weapons Detection,
  Cargo Container Examination, Shipboard Security, Vehicle Stopper,
  High Efficiency Wireless Video Transmitter, Tactical Paging
  System, Human Presence Detector, Long Range Surveillance System,
  Mass Public Information Dissemination, Mobile Access Control
  Vestibule (MACV), and any other technologies or technical capabilities
  relating to Physical Security which may interest TSWG. TSWG
  seeks innovative proposals in the following areas: 1) System
  development and 2)Technological description/application. PROGRAM
  SCOPE: Contracts will be awarded dependent on applicability
  of technology to TSWG objectives and funding availability.
  GENERAL INFORMATION: Proposers must obtain a BAA package which
  provides further information on areas of interest, the submission,
  evaluation and funding processes, proposal abstract formats,
  proposal formats, and other general information. This package
  may be obtained by Federal Express 2 day mail from the point
  of contact specified below. The point of contact for this effort
  is Ms. Jennifer Dopp (fax): (301) 203-2654. The administrative
  contract address is given below. Phase I viewgraphs/videotapes
  are due no later than 21 April 1998. Upon request, until April
  21, 1998, BAA packages shall be mailed, Federal Express, 2
  day mail, to potential proposers. Proposers must include in
  their facsimile request an address, a point of contact, and
  a phone number at the receiving address. The BAA Number and
  Mission Area Title must also be referenced. Phase I viewgraphs/videotapes
  received after this date will not be reviewed. Upon proposal
  review, the Government shall provide written notice to those
  candidates selected for continued evaluation. These candidates
  will be requested to submit White Paper proposals (discussed
  in BAA package). The Government reserves the right to select
  for award all, some, or none of the proposals. The information
  listed in this announcement and the BAA package constitutes
  a solicitation of concepts from those offerors capable of satisfying
  the Government's need. NO other information will be provided.
  All responsible sources capable of satisfying the Government's
  needs may submit a proposal which shall be considered by TSWG.
  Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Minority
  Institutions (MI) are encouraged to submit proposals and join
  others in submitting proposals. Currently 2.5% of the effort
  is set aside for HBCU/MI, however, if it is not feasible to
  award 2.5% to HBCU/MI, this requirement will be removed. All
  administrative correspondence and questions on this solicitation,
  including requests for information on how to submit Phase I
  viewgraphs/videotapes should be directed to one of the administrative
  addresses below or by fax. Proposals of all Phases shall not
  be faxed; any sent by this medium shall be disregarded. EVALUATION
  CRITERIA: The following are the evaluation factors for the
  acquisition: 1)TSWG peculiar solution, 2)Producibility, affordability,
  and supportability of the solution, 3)Maturity of the technology
  to meet program objectives, 4)Applicability of the solution
  to a TSWG objective, 5)Applicability of solutions to mission
  area identified, 6)Uniqueness and novelty of the solution,
  and 7) Applicability of emerging technology to a TSWG need
  as opposed to a development effort. ADMINISTRATIVE ADDRESSES:
  Contracting Point of Contact: Ms. Jennifer Dopp (301) 203-2720,
  Building 3; 10530 Riverview Road; Fort Washington, MD 20744.
  Technical Point of Contact: Mr. Gil Buhrmann (301)203-2670,
  Building 3; 10530 Riverview Road; Fort Washington, MD 20744.
CITE: (W-090 SN184558)

[Commerce Business Daily: Posted April 1, 1998]
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CLASSCOD: A--Research and Development
OFFADD: Defense Special Weapons Agency, 6801 Telegraph Road,
  Alexandria, VA 22310-3398
POC Neil Gross, Negotiator, (703) 325-7658, Scott Morton, Contracting
  Officer, (703) 325-1200
CNT DSWA01-98-C-0068
DTD 032798
TO Weidlinger Associates, Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York,
  NY 10014
CITE: (I-091 SN185311)

[Commerce Business Daily: Posted April 7, 1998]
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OFFADD: U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Acquisition Management,
  Room 6422, 14th and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC
  Commerce for Next Generation Manufacturing Systems National
  Institute of Standards and Technology,  Gaithersburg, Maryland
   April 21 & 22, 1998   This conference will showcase technical
  achievements of selected government, university, and industry
  research projects supporting the implementation of Next Generation
  Manufacturing Systems. Electronic Commerce Applications will
  be emphasized. The two-day program will feature technology
  demonstrations illustrating future manufacturing and business
  capabilities enabled by information technology. Accompanying
  presentations will describe research results and future goals,
  explore the application requirements of prospective manufacturing
  users, and discuss standards and measurement-related issues.
    Invited keynote speakers will provide government, industry,
  and university perspectives on challenges and opportunities
  likely to confront U.S. manufacturers as they compete in global
  economy of a new century.  The program will be divided into
  four tracks, which are described below. Live, on-line technical
  demonstrations performed at remotely located laboratories at
   NIST, other government agencies, and industry sites will
  feature some of the advanced capabilities and performance
  improvements afforded by the computing, communications, and
  networking technologies of today and tomorrow. These demonstration
  will provide conference participants with an excellent opportunity
  to survey the progress and review the directions of selected
  research projects undertaken by government agencies and industrial
  consortia to push the information technology envelope and pave
  the way for next-generation manufacturing applications. In
  addition, participants will learn about new technology-development
  efforts and research programs initiated by federal agencies
  and laboratories.  Track 1: Electronic Commerce for Manufacturing
  Applications  Electronic Commerce has the potential to revolutionize
  trade and commerce, introduce new styles of customer and supplier
  relationships, and stimulate the creation of whole new industries.
  The rapid growth of the Internet has spawned tremendous opportunities,
  but the technical infrastructure necessary for electronic
  commerce is not stable. Lack of open standards in key domains
  undermines  electronic commerce transactions and impedes the
  emergence of innovative  applications. Concerns about privacy
  and security are additional deterrents, as are the costs and
  risks associated with migrating information resources to newer
  technology.  Many of the essential building blocks of electronic
  commerce are in place. Yet, there are gaps in the underlying
  technical infrastructure necessary for the seamless  connectivity,
  near-perfect reliability, and other high-performance attributes
  required  to support business-critical services and applications.
  Open standards are a critical  element of the long-term solution.
  This track will examine the gaps and highlight the  open standards
  necessary to support electronic commerce for manufacturing
  applications.  Track Chair: Neil Christopher, NIST; Co-chair:
  Mary Mitchell, NIST.    Track 2: Advanced Manufacturing
  Processes  This track will highlight research advances and
  emerging standards  essential to the implementation of advanced
  processes in manufacturing and construction industries. Topics
  of demonstrations and presentations will include:  Testing,
  remote operation, and simulation of next-generation hexapod
  machine tools. Emerging tools and methods for simulating construction
  operations and for automating  and electronically communicating
  job-site measurements. Development of standard mechanical
  tests, capabilities for accurate simulation  of material responses
  in forming processes, and on-line techniques for remote data
  acquisition and control of metal forming operations.  Track
  Chair: Albert Wavering, NIST; Co-chair: Ram Sriram, NIST 
    Track 3: Distributed and Virtual Manufacturing Applications
    The application of information technology to manufacturing
  systems has recently given rise to new, powerful operational
  and technical capabilities. It is now possible to  develop
  products and processes quickly and economically by using modeling
  and  simulation technologies to accomplish tasks that, until
  recently, could only be performed  physically. Also, manufacturing
  organizations can now leverage pools of resources that  reside
  at multiple facilities in geographically dispersed locations.
  These new  distributed and virtual manufacturing capabilities
  have created exciting opportunities  for creating even more
  efficient and even more tightly integrated extended enterprises.
   With tools and systems made available through integrated
  computing and networking  technologies, researchers and engineers
  will have access to manufacturing resources  wherever they
  are located. In such distributed work environments, operations
  can be  performed collaboratively, regardless of geographic
  location. Remotely located  collaborators will be able to
  access equipment and instrumentation at geographically  separated
  sites, share data and computational resources, and secure information
  from  widely distributed digital libraries. This track focuses
  on standards and measurement  issues and other barriers that
  stand in the way of robust distributed and virtual  manufacturing
  capabilities.   Track Chair: Charles McLean, NIST; Co-chair:
  David Stieren, NIST    Track 4: NGM Roadmapping Update and
  Research Programs     This track will highlight the status
  of the one-year manufacturing-technology roadmapping  effort
  supported by the Department of Energy, Defense Advanced Research
  Projects  Agency, NIST, and the National Science Foundation.
  The aim is to develop "Integrated  Manufacturing Technology
  Roadmaps" (IMTR) that will help guide the agencies' research
   investments so that they are responsive to industry needs.
  A priority-setting  refinement of the Next Generation Manufacturing
  project completed in 1997, the IMTR  initiative is defining
  long-term technology needs in four high-impact areas: information
   systems, modeling and simulation, processes and equipment,
  and enterprise integration.  Through industry surveys and
  other methods, the aim is to anticipate the tools and  capabilities
  that will be essential to superior manufacturing performance
  and capabilities  over the next 5 to 15 years. The IMTR project
  is producing four integrated roadmaps  that provide a shared
  perspective for investing in long-term technology development.
   The roadmaps will identify major technology needs and challenges
  cutting across  industrial sectors. This track will also include
  presentations on government-funded  and co-funded research
  programs that are new or planned in areas relevant to the
  themes of the technical tracks.   Track Chair: Mark Luce,
LINKURL: http://www.mel.nist.gov/docs/mfgconf/mfgcon.htm
LINKDESC: NIST Manufacturing Conference Information Home Page
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