14 September 1998: Link to New York Times story on hack. (Mirror at this site)

13 September 1998

Hacking closes N.Y. Times site

By Reuters

Special to CNET News.com

September 13, 1998, 4:55 p.m. PT

NEW YORK--The New York Times closed its Web site today after it was hacked, according to news reports.

WNBC-TV reported that a group calling itself "Hacking For Girlies" had taken responsibility for the sabotage, which included offensive remarks about particular members of the Times staff.

CBS News radio also reported the sabotage and said the newspaper had asked the FBI to investigate. A spokesman for the newspaper could not be immediately reached for comment.

The page was taken down after being discovered by an editor this morning and was being secured, the reports said.

The group claimed to be a supporter of Kevin Mitnick, the notorious hacker who has been jailed since 1995 on computer-related fraud charges. Mitnick, who has an underground following, was once listed by the FBI as the world's most wanted computer hacker.

Date: Sun, 13 Sep 1998 18:43:03 +0200
From: q/depesche <depesche@quintessenz.at>
To: list <quintessenz-list@quintessenz.at>
Subject: "Daemliche Huren": New York Times ge/hackt

q/depesche 98.9.13/2
"Dämliche Huren": New York Times ge/hackt
Zur Abwechslung bestand die Frontpage der New York Times
heute Nachmittag aus lauter News völlig unfit to print:
"Euer blöder Arsch gehört jetzt uns" stand dort und
"dämliche Huren" & c below
Forderungen der Gruppe, die sich "Hacking for Girls" nennt:
104 Girliez, Freiabos im Wert im Wert von 6 Milliarden USD &
eine Druckerpresse.
Anlass der Wut war ein Artikel der NY Times, in dem von
Hackern in toto als von unreifen Burschen die Rede war, die
Schwierigkeiten hätten, an Mädchen ran/zukommen
Die NY Times www8.nytimes.com []
ist im Netz momentan zwar erreichbar, enthält aber keinerlei
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relayed by
Source der page http://www.nytimes.com/ war:
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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 00:05:46 +0200 From: q/depesche <depesche@quintessenz.at> To: list <quintessenz-list@quintessenz.at> Subject: NYtimes hack: Immer noch off/line q/depesche 98.9.13/3 updating   98.9.13/2 NYtimes hack: Immer noch off/line Zuerst kam das Palimpsest im HTML Code, das naturgemäss mehr Informationen als der Oberflächen/text enthält. Der wiederum offenbart die Haupt/richtung der Wut: John Markoff & die allgemeine, recht ahnungs/arme  Kyber/Berichterstattung  der "Tante Times", dieses "geknickten, flappigen Blatts" (Uwe Johnson, 1983) welch/selbiges noch immer offline ist. -.-.- --.-  -.-.- --.-  -.-.- --