13 June 1998

Date: Sat, 13 Jun 1998 17:30:48 -0700
To: cypherpunks@cyberpass.net
From: Steve Schear <schear@lvcm.com>
Subject: [FWD] Outlook 98 PGP plug-in


From: bmccaffrey@executive.com
Date: 04 Jun 1998 10:34:46 -0700
Subject: RE: Outlook 98 PGP plug-in
I have been working on a plug-in for Outlook 98 and 97 which is an
interface to PGP 2.6.2.  All the usual functions are available -
encryption, decryption, signing, key creation, key management,
encrypt/decrypt of attachments, etc. without the annoyance of console
windows popping up all the time.
It works quite well under win95 and win98 and NT.  With NT I am still
having a few difficulties with new key generation, but otherwise it is
Anyone who would like to participate in the beta can download the
program from http://www.digitalsecurity.com/software.  When completed
it will be released as freeware for personal use.
Bill <info@digitalsecurity.com>
(please put info@digitalsecurity.com as the from address, not
reply to schear - at - lvcm - dot - com ---
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