20 June 1997
Source: http://www.plk.af.mil/ORG_CHART/PK/OTHER/poster.html

PLK = Phillips Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, NM

This data was compiled and provided by the office of Dr. Yolanda
King, PL/XP.

PL Technical Interchange Symposium

Abstracts of Titles for Poster Boards and/or Papers

32-Bit Space Qualifiable Computers, Earl J. Kinsley
(PL/VTEE, Kirtland AFB)
Absolute Laser Frequency Stabilization at 1.064 um Using
Carbon Dioxide, Timothy W. Monarski (PL/LIDD, Kirtland AFB)

ADCA Adaptive Data Compression Algorithm, Badri Younes

Advanced Electro-Optical System (AEOS), James J. McNally
(PL/LII,Kirtland AFB)

Advanced Sensor Technology Program (ASTP): Passive Sensor,
Paul LeVan (PL/VTRP, Kirtland AFB)

Argus II Airborne Optical Data Collection System, Wayne
Wasson (PL/LIAF, Kirtland AFB)

Atmospheric Global Tilt Measurement Test, Kurt W. Koenig
(PL/LIAE, Kirtland AFB)

Combined Effect of X-Ray Irradiation and Anneal Ambient on
theHot-Carrier, Vulnerability  of NMOS Devices, Randall J.
Milanowski (PL/VTET, Kirtland AFB)

Comparability of Response Measurements Within an Aircraft
CavityGenerated from an External Plane Wave & From an Internal
Antenna Source, Carol H. Alcocer (PL/WSM, Kirtland AFB) [Kyle L.] 
Critchfield (PL/VTET, Kirtland AFB)

Comparison of Total Dose Calculations to Measured Attenuation
Datafor SI Using Low Energy X-rays in the 20-160 keV Range, Kyle
L. Critchfield (PL/VTET, Kirtland AFB)

Control and Discovery of Electro-Optical Material
Involving Molecular Beam Epitaxy Process, Stephen J. Adams
(WL/WLIM,Wright-Patterson AFB)

Critical Ionization Velocity (CIV) Space Experiment, Larry A. Wright
(PL/WSCE, Kirtland AFB)

Cryocoolers, Brian M. Whitney (PL/VTPT, Kirtland AFB)

CW Resonant External-Cavity Fourth Harmonic Generation of a
ND:YAGLaser in beta-BaB204, Craig A. Denman (PL/LIDD, Kirtland AFB)

CW Resonant External-Cavity Second Harmonic Generation of A Nd:YAGÔ
Data Report of Hypervelocity Micro-Particle Impact Light Flash
andMOS Impact Detector Output, Patrick James Serna (PL/WSSH,
Kirtland AFB)

Data Acquisition and Analysis at LESLI Facility, Chen-Shiang D.
Lin (PL/WSM, Kirtland AFB)

Department of Defense Space Debris Research Program, David
B. Spencer (PL/WSC, Kirtland AFB)

Design and Performance of a Two-Phase Thermal Storage Unit at
120Kelvin, Marko M. Stoyanof (PL/VTPT, Kirtland AFB)

Development of Focal Plane Arrays for Space Applications, Jose
E.Colon (PL/VTRP, Kirtland AFB)

Development of the In-Flight Propellant Transfer Spaceplane
Concept & Response to Criticisms, Mitchell B. Clapp (PL/VT-X,
Kirtland AFB)

Electromagnetic Effects Center. Dean I. Lawry (PL/WSR, KirtlandAFB)

Embedded Control Hardware/Software: An In-House Perspective, William
A. Perilli (OL-AA, PL/SXAD, Hanscom AFB)

Environmental Analysis with Direct Mass Spectrometric Sampling, John
O. Ballenthin (OL-AA,PL/GPID, Hanscom AFB)

Equatorial Ionosphere: Plasma Physics and AF Systems Effects, Edward
J. Weber (OL/AA,PL/GPIA, Hanscom AFB)

Expanding Launch Windows by Predicting Lightning, Arnold
Barnes (OL-AA,PL/GPA, Hanscom AFB)

Experimental Evaluation of IR-Transmitting, RF-Attenuation Materials
& Their Application in Military Systems, Hector DelAguila (PL/WSM,
Kirtland AFB)

Fabrication & Testing of Composite Isogrid Stiffened
Structures, Thomas D. Kim (OL/AC, PL/VTSC, Edwards AFB)

Focusing on the Warfighter-Technology for Autonomous
Operational Survivability (TAOS), Ira D. Weinstein (PL/SX-1,
Kirtland AFB)

Global Thermospheric Modeling for Improved Satellite
DragSpecification and Forecasting, Frank A. Marcos (OL/AA,
PL/GPIM, Hanscom AFB)

Hardened Electronics Availability Problem (HEAP), Steven J.
Sampson (PL/VTEE, Kirtland AFB)

HERTF Antenna Range & Recent Data Results of The Impulse Radiating
High Power Microwave Space System Susceptibility Program at the
Air Force's Phillips Laboratory, Michael L. Zywien (PL/WSCR,
Kirtland AFB)

Infrared Calibration Standards, Robert Hinebaugh (AGMC/MLE,
Newark AFB)

Infrared Hyper-spectral Imaging Using Diffractive Optics, Paul
D. LeVan (PL/VTRP, Kirtland AFB)

Integrated Space Technology Flights (ISTF), Eric R. Payne
(PL/SX-2, Kirtland AFB)

Integration of Space Electronics Through 3-D Packaging, James
C. Lyke Jr. (PL/VTEE, Kirtland AFB)

Lightweight Electronics and Packaging for Superpressure
Balloon, George McPhetres (PL/SXA, Hanscom AFB)

A Methodology for the Counter Precision Guided Munitions Red
Team, Gordon Griffin (PL/WSM, Kirtland AFB)

MIGHTYSAT- Mark K. Lutey (PL/SX-1, Kirtland AFB)

Missile Signature Knowledge Center, The-Dale Bradley
(AEDC/DOM, Arnold AFB)

Missile Technology Demonstration (MTD) Flight 1, Joseph D.
Nedeau (PL/VT-B, Kirtland AFB) 
[See Surgical Strike Vehicle: http://jya.com/ssv.htm]

Mobile Ground Tracking Station (MGTS), Christopher Stone
(OL/AC,PL/SXK, Edwards AFB)

Multi-User Multi-Interference Communication Analysis Tool,
Badri Younes (GSFC, Greenbelt)

Next Generation of Solar Panel Substrates, John G. Paul
(PL/VTSC, Kirtland AFB)

Nylon-6 Super Pressure Balloon System, John R. Ground
(PL/SX-3, Kirtland AFB)

Observation & Simulations of Shuttle Plumes & Their Interaction with
the Atmosphere - The SICIM Program, Rodney A. Viereck 
(OL/AA, PL/WSCI, Hanscom AFB)

Optimal Solution by the Knapsack Method for Switching System
of Electromagnetic Source, Chen-Shiang D. Lin (PL/WSM, Kirtland AFB)

Orbit Analysis Software Survey, Carole Boelitz (PL/VTA, Kirtland

PL/VTS Space Experiments Relating to Smart Structures, Ken Qassim
(PL/VTS, Kirtland AFB)

Plasma Chemistry at the Geophysics Directorate: Reentry,
Engine Exhaust, Albert A. Viggiano (OL/AA, PL/GPID, Hanscom AFB)

Plume to Hardbody Handover and Aimpoint Selection
Algorithms, William Fontana (RL/OCSM, Griffiss AFB)

Power Scaling of CW, Injection-Locked, Nd:YAG Lasers, Matthew
P. Murdough (PL/LIDD, Kirtland AFB)

Pre-processing PCM Encoder, Andrew Driesman (OL/AA, PL/SXAD,Hanscom,

Program for Rocket Trajectory Analysis, George Y. Jumper,
Jr.(OL/AA, PL/SXA, Hanscom AFB)

Quantum IR Photodector Research at Phillips Laboratory, Jose
E. Colon (PL/VTRP, Kirtland AFB)

Radiation Tolerant MOS Circuits Using Commercial IC
Processes, Joseph R. Chavez (PL/VTET, Kirtland AFB)

Rapid Simulation of Total-Dose and Dose-Rate Effects on
Digital Microelectronics Timing Delays Using VHDL, Charles P.
Brothers, Jr.(PL/VTET,Kirtland AFB)

Reconstruction of a Hypervelocity Impact Event in Space, David
F.Medina (PL/VTRP, Kirtland AFB)

Research and Development of Tribological Coatings for Space
and Aircraft Applicationsm, Kate Havey (WL/MLBT, Wright-Patterson

Secondary and Backscatter Electron Emission from Conductors,
Warren G. Wilson (PL/WSCE, Kirtland AFB)

Small Business Innovation Research Program, Robbie Morga
(PL/XPI,Kirtland AFB)

Solar/Laser Thermal Propulsion, Kristi K. Laug(OL/AC,PL/RKAS,Edwards

Space Radiation Effects Characterization in Photonic
Technologies, Edward W. Taylor (PL/VTET, Kirtland AFB)

Spin-On of Commercial Microelectronics into Space Systems,
Creigh Gordon (PL/VTEE, Kirtland AFB)

Stand-off Detection-Mark, D. Stephen (PL/LIR, Kirtland AFB)

Studies of the Reactons of Gaseous Chlorine with Strong
Aqueous Bases, Ernest A. Dorko (PL/LIDB, Kirtland AFB)

Synergy Between the Airborne Laser and Airborne Boosted Interceptor,
Gregory J. Schiller (PL/XPF, Kirtland AFB)

Technology for the Development of Isotropic Wrought Aluminum-Lithium
Plate Product, Kumar V. Jata (WL/MLLM,Wright-Patterson

Technology Transfer Display, Lamar Settlemires (PL/XPI,KirtlandAFB)

Temperature Measurements and Therman Control of
Superpressure Payload, George Y. Jumper (PL/SXA, Hanscom AFB)

Thick-Metal Cutting of Stainless Steel Using Chemical
Oxygen-Iodine Laser, Joseph E. Scott (PL/LIDB, Kirtland AFB)

TOPAZ International Program-An International Program for
Space Power Technology, Daniel B. Jensen (PL/VTPP, Kirtland AFB)

Total-Dose Failures in Space Applications of Linear
Bipolar Microcircuits, Nathan Nowlin (PL/VTET, Kirtland AFB)

Uncertainty Analysis of Exo-Atmospheric Nuclear Burst
Calculations, Patrick J. McDaniel (PL/WSA, Kirtland AFB)

Use of Lesli's Ellipticus and Rhombic Antennas, Ly Quang
Dao (PL/WSM, Kirtland AFB)

War Game Simulation for Evaluation of Space Control
Technologies, Alfred L. Sharp (PL/WSS, Kirtland AFB)