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3 August 1998
Thanks to RH

Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 16:34:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Christof Paar <christof@ece.WPI.EDU>
To: "WPI.Crypto.Seminar":;
cc:, Kris Gaj <>,
        DCSB <>
Subject: Quantum Computing Talk at WPI, 8/12

       WPI Cryptography and Information Security Seminar
                           Kris Gaj
                    George Mason University
              (with U. Rochester until July '98)
                      Wednesday, August 12
                        4:00 pm,  AK 108
                    (refreshments at 3:45 pm)
Quantum computers, if ever built, will be able to factor numbers
beyond the reach of traditional methods.  The development of quantum
computation would mean the demise of RSA and other public key
cryptosystems. We show the main idea of Shor's quantum factoring
algorithm and assess the complexity of the circuit implementing the
algorithm. We describe the current state of experimental quantum
computing and the most promising ideas concerning the implementation
of quantum logic.
Classical supercomputers has recently reached the computational power
of one teraflop (10^12 floating point operations per second). We will
discuss the current effort to built a petaflops scale computer (peta
= 10^15) based on the combination of advanced technologies such as
superconducting digital electronics, cryogenic CMOS, optical
switches, and holographic memories. Breaking existing ciphers is
certainly one of the primary applications of this new class of
computing machines.
For a Kris Gay's biography please check:

The WPI Cryptoseminar is being held in the Atwater Kent building on the
WPI campus. The Atwater Kent building is at the intersection of West and
Salisbury Street for those coming from outside. Directions to the campus
can be found at
In the Fall '98 semester we will start the WPI Cryptoseminar again on a
regular base.  Most talks will be given on Wednesdays at 4:00 pm in AK 108
(that is 90 min. prior to the EE578 Crypto I graduate course).  The talks
for the fall semester will be announced soon on this list.
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