28 February 1998: Link to hearing testimony: http://jya.com/rfw-jec.htm (112K) or zipped version (39K)

26 February 1998

From Daily Digest of the Senate and House, February 23, 1998:

                             Joint Meetings

  Joint Economic Committee:  February 25, Full Committee, to hold 
hearings to examine the potential for economic terrorist attacks, 
focusing on the use of radio frequency weapons, 10 a.m., SD-106.


Congressional Record: February 25, 1998 (Digest)

                             Joint Meetings


Joint Economic Committee: Committee concluded hearings to examine the 
proliferation and use of radio frequency weapons technology, and their 
potential impact on United States infrastructure and economy after 
receiving testimony from James F. O'Bryon, Deputy Director, Operational 
Test and Evaluation Live Fire Testing, Office of the Secretary of 
Defense; Ira W. Merritt, Missile Defense and Space Technology Center, 
U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Huntsville, Alabama; and 
R. Alan Kehs, U.S. Army Research Laboratories, Adelphi, Maryland; and 
David Schriner, Ridgecrest, California.

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