12 May 1999. Tomlinson's Geocities site disappeared at about 5:00PM US-CST, May 12, 1999; see mirror of one page of the site.

12 May 1999. Richard Tomlinson's still-active (at 13:30 US-EST) Geocities Web site (without UKOSA stuff):


12 May 1999. Thanks to DC.

We'd appreciate this notice being passed to Richard Tomlinson with our offer to host his material. See JYA public keys.

ADVISORY, not for publication:

We have been asked by the secretary of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting 
Advisory Committee to publish the following:


I understand that a US-based website has today published on the internet a 
list which identifies a large number of SIS (MI6) officers.

Defence Advisory Notice No 6 asks editors and programme makers to seek 
advice before publishing such details unless they have been widely 
disclosed or discussed as such action could put lives at risk.

Departmental officers are examining how the damage of this disclosure can 
be minimised. While this is in progress, I would ask that editors do not 
interpret the information in the website as being widely disclosed and do 
not, therefore, publish the address or the content of the website without 
first contacting the D Notice Secretary, Rear Admiral David Pulvertaft

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See Wired story today: http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/19620.html

Thanks to Sunder.

Source: http://www.theregister.co.uk/990510-000018.html

Posted 10/05/99 1:05pm by Linda Harrison

Secret service eliminates ex-spy’s Web site

A former James Bond wannabe had his Web site shut down by MI6 last week after threatening to expose some of Britain's top secrets.

Richard Tomlinson's site aimed to shake up and stir MI6 by identifying its officers and site locations around the world, according to a report in The Mail on Sunday. Tomlinson also warned that he would publish a book synopsis of his own MI6 career –- an act he was jailed for last year.

Top government law officer Anthony Hammond, got the injunction banning the site, which is based in Switzerland, where Tomlinson now lives.

The site, run by Lausanne ISP IPWorldcom, stated: "The objective of MI6 is to steal the secrets of other countries. Most of the secrets are stolen by MI6 officers working abroad under cover as British diplomats."

The map of MI6 office sites was said to be "coming soon".

Another page showed Tomlinson wearing a silly hat and grinning in front of the MI6 headquarters at Vauxhall Cross in London.

When the site was opened up it played the theme tune to Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Last week, Tomlinson said he would appeal against the injunction.

Meanwhile, the cheeky Web wizard had switched the pages to a site run by California-based Geocities.com. Again he was closed down after the Swiss injunction was pointed out to Geocities.

According to Tomlinson, MI6 was breaking the law around the globe by its activities, as well as playing with his liberty.

"They are trying to obstruct my freedom to travel and I have already been banned from entering France, the USA and Australia," he told the MoS.

"There would be no need to put up this Web site if they stopped messing me about. I have already lost one job by being prevented from entering France." ®