1 June 1998
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PR Newswire, June 1, 1998:

RSA Data Security and Network Associates Announce Settlement of Lawsuit; 
Network Associates Licenses RSA Crypto-security Software

    REDWOOD CITY and SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- RSA Data
Security, Inc. and Network Associates (Nasdaq: NETA) today announced that the
companies have settled patent infringement and copyright lawsuits brought by
RSA against Network Associates and its subsidiaries PGP, Inc., and Trusted
Information Systems (TIS).  In addition, Network Associates entered into a new
royalty-bearing license for RSA's crypto-security engines, providing Network
Associates with rights to include RSA components within a number of Network
Associates, PGP, and TIS products.

    "Customers require open standards and interoperability as they move to
implement bullet-proof enterprise security systems," said Peter Watkins,
general manager of Network Associates' Net Tools Secure Division.  "The
resolution of this lawsuit and our new license demonstrates our commitment to
putting the needs of our customers first and our commitment to open

    "We are pleased to have arrived at an amicable and constructive agreement
with Network Associates, and welcome them as a valued customer and partner,"
said Al Sisto, COO of RSA Data Security, Inc.  "This settlement and new
license agreement will allow both companies to work together to provide the
market with high quality solutions and feature industry standard RSA crypto-
security technology."

    Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Network Associates will draw
on a previously established escrow set at the time of the PGP acquisition to
pay RSA an undisclosed sum to settle past issues and for legal fees.  As a
result of today's settlement agreement, three federal actions and a court-
ordered arbitration related to the dispute have been resolved.

    Network Associates' new license of RSA's BSAFE(TM) and BCERT(TM) products
provides Network Associates with rights to include RSA crypto-security
software components within the PGP(R) Client, Recover-Key(R), Gauntlet(R)
Firewall, Gauntlet VPN, and PGP Certificate Server(R), all components of
Network Associates' Total Network Security (TNS) Suite.

    Network Associates

    With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Network Associates, Inc.,
formed by the merger of McAfee Associates and Network General, is a leading
supplier of enterprise network security and management solutions.  Network
Associates' Net Tools Secure and Net Tools Manager offer best-of-breed suite-
based network security and management solutions.  Net Tools Secure and Net
Tools Manager suites combine to create Net Tools which centralizes these point
solutions within an easy-to-use, integrated systems management environment.
For more information, Network Associates can be reached at 408-988-3832 or on
the Internet at http://www.nai.com.

    RSA Data Security, Inc.

    RSA Data Security, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Security Dynamics
Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SDTI), is a leading supplier of software
components that secure electronic data, with more than 300 million copies of
RSA encryption and authentication technologies installed worldwide.  RSA
technologies are part of existing and proposed standards for the Internet and
World Wide Web, ISO, ITU-T, ANSI, IEEE, and business, financial and electronic
commerce networks around the globe.  RSA develops and markets platform-
independent security components and related developer kits and provides
comprehensive cryptographic consulting services. RSA can be reached at

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