A Report to the Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence

February 28, 1994

Joint Security Commission

Appendix D. Acronyms

AECA		Arms Export Control Act 

ASPP 		Acquisition Systems Protection Program

ASPWG		Acquisition Systems Protection Working Group

ASSIST 		Automated Systems Security Incident Support Team

C3I		Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

CCISCMO		Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office

CCVS		Central Clearance Verification System

CERT 		Committee of Emergency Response Team

CI		Counterintelligence

CIA		Central Intelligence Agency

CIO		Central Imagery Office

CISARA		Counterintelligence, Security Countermeasures and Related Activities

CMS		Community Management Staff

COPS 		Committee on Physical Security

COTS		Committee on Technical Security

CSE		Center for Security Evaluation

CTC 		Counterterrorist Center

CTTA 		Central TEMPEST Technical Authority

DCI		Director of Central Intelligence

DCID 		Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DCII		Defense Clearance Investigations Index

DDEP		Defense Development Exchange Program 

DIA		Defense Intelligence Agency

DICOB		Defense Industrial Security Clearance Oversight Board

DII		Defense Information Infrastructure

DIS 		Defense Investigative Service

DISA		Defense Information Systems Agency

DISCR		Defense Investigative Service Clearance Review Office

DoD		Department of Defense

DoDD		Department of Defense Directive

DoDPI		Department of Defense Polygraph Institute

DoDSI		Department of Defense Security Institute

DoE		Department of Energy

ENTNAC 		Entrance National Agency Check

EO		Executive Order

FBI		Federal Bureau of Investigation

FFRDC		Federally Funded Research and Development Center

FOIA		Freedom of Information Act

FOCI 		Foreign Ownership Control and Influence 

FORDTIS		Foreign Disclosure and Technical Information System

GAO		General Accounting Office

G&A		General and Administrative

GOVIND		Government-Industry Restricted Information

GSA		General Services Administration

IACSE		Interagency Advisory Committee on Security Equipment

INFOSEC		Information Systems Security

IOSS		Interagency Operations Security Support Staff

ISOO		Information Security Oversight Office

ISM		Industrial Security Manual

ISPG 		Intelligence Programs Support Group

LIMDIS		Limited Dissemination

MASINT 		Measurement and Signature Intelligence

NAC		National Agency Check

NACI 		National Agency Check with Inquiries

NAG/SCM		National Advisory Group/Security Countermeasures

NCS		National Communications System

NDP		National Disclosure Policy

NDPC 		National Disclosure Policy Committee

NFIP		National Foreign Intelligence Program

NII		National Information Infrastructure

NISP 		National Industrial Security Program

NISPPAC		National Industrial Security Program Policy Advisory Committee

NIST		National Institute of Standards and Technology

NOAC		National Operational Security Advisory Committee

NOFORN		Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals

NPC		Nonproliferation Center

NRO		National Reconnaissance Office

NSA		National Security Agency

NSD		National Security Directives

NSDD		National Security Decision Directives

NSTISSC		National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee

OADR 		Originating Agency's Determination Required

OMB 		Office of Management and Budget

OPM		Office of Personnel Management

OPSEC		Operations Security

ORCON		Dissemination and Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator

OSD 		Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSPG		Overseas Security Policy Group

PERSEREC	Personnel Security Research and Evaluation Center

PEP 		Personnel Exchange Program

PROPIN 		Proprietary Information

PSEAG		Physical Security Equipment Action Group

PSWG		Personnel Security Working Group

R&D		Research and Development

REL TO		Releasable To

SAP		Special Access Program

SARF 		Special Access Required Facility

SCI		Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCIF		Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCM 		Security Countermeasures

SIGINT 		Signals Intelligence

SIOP		Single Integrated Operations Plan

SOR		Statement of Reasons

SPECAT		Special Category

SSA 		Special Security Agreement

SSBI		Single Scope Background Investigation

SSII		Suitability and Security Investigations Index

TEMPEST		Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Standard

TIARA		Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities

TS 		Top Secret

TSCM		Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

USSS 		United States Secret Service

WNINTEL		Warning Notice-Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved