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15 October 1999

This site's host, Verio, automatically provides a snooping feature which we didn't ask for, wasn't consulted on and find obnoxiously privacy-invasive: our access log automatically shows what URL was visited just prior to accessing a file here. In the case of those coming from search engines, it gives the topics and/or keywords the visitor entered for searching. Here're samples (addresses xxx-ed. The second is the NSA daily bot - note its prudent use of a proxy gateway):

xxxxx - - [03/May/1999:01:17:55 -0400] "GET /bombmake.htm HTTP/1.1" 200 33094 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows 98)"
xxxxx - - [03/May/1999:08:00:39 -0400] "GET /crypto.htm HTTP/1.0" 200 27266 "" "Mozilla/4.04 [en] (WinNT; U)  via proxy gateway  CERN-HTTPD/3.0 libwww/2.17"

Since we don't know who has access to our logs, and have to assume they are many (see below), keep in mind the beneficial use of an anonymizer and hope that the anonymizer is not compromised -- a long shot according to recent news reports. Here's an example of a visitor who configured an anonymizer improperly or the anonymizer <> is faulty: the originating address, a .gov, was listed, xxx-ed here:

xxxxx - - [15/Oct/1999:15:28:34 -0400] "GET /nsa091499.txt HTTP/1.0" 200 1420 "" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows NT)"


There are about 3,000 files on and (born June, 1999) -- texts and related graphics -- put here since June, 1996 (another 1,500 have been axed). If access statistics interest see ours. A directory of all files is available via FTP: and The lists may take a while to load. The bulk of are misdated June, 1999, when Verio, our new ISP, transferred the lot.

Privacy Warning

We don't willfully disclose, but that's no assurance with the way the Internet is designed for the convenience of its operators which leaves it open to wizard intruders, greedy marketers and evil authorities. We don't know who's snooping our site and logs with intrusive tools. We see that Verio checks this site regularly; while its courteous sysadmins claim they do not snoop who knows what corruption maddens under-rockers.

So we don't promise false assurances of privacy which dissolve through negligence, duress, business deals, bribes and increasingly sophisticated intrusive technology. We believe it's best to try to protect your privacy with trustworthy and up-to-date armaments -- particularly with the use of anonymizers, strongest encryption and vigilance against snooping -- and to distrust disarming statements of privacy policy that are probably out of date and touch. Or stay far away from an Internet seemingly purpose-built for covert surveillance of unwary users.


Searching is not available. Use a general search engine, such as AltaVista with "" or "" as one of the terms.

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