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10 November 1997

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:00:59 +0100 (CET)
From: Lucky Green <>
Subject: Crypto smartcard demo at the monthly meeting

It seems that everybody had fun watching my smartcard demo at this month's
Cypherpunks meeting. It certainly generated a lot of interest in this, to
many US programmers still novel, technology.

I sincerely hope that the attendees walked away with more than the
realization, as you saw in my demonstration, that a 16 bit keyspace is not
cryptographically secure. :-)

On behalf of the Cypherpunks Smartcard Developer Association, I would like
to again issue a call for smartcards and smartcard Programmer Reference
Manuals. Without both, it will be difficult to move our research forward
in a timely fashion. If you have access to either, especially to those
made by Siemens or Bull, please contact me. Anonymous donations are

We also need inverse readers and serial port sniffers that do not affect
the traffic on the serial port. Pointers to commercial sources are
welcome. Schematics or better yet donations are preferred.

Furthermore, I would like everybody interested in obtaining one of the
universal smartcard readers used in the demo to contact me. Given enough
interest, I volunteer to coordinate another production run.


-- Lucky Green <> PGP v5 encrypted email preferred.
   "Tonga? Where the hell is Tonga? They have Cypherpunks there?"