6 July 1998
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[Printed Issue Date: July 7, 1998]
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CLASSCOD: M--Operation of Government-Owned Facilities
OFFADD: U.S. Department of Energy, Savannah River Operations
  Office, Contracts Management Division, P.O. Box A, Aiken, South
  Carolina 29802
SOL DE-RP09-98SR18950
DUE 080398
POC Christine S. Corbin, Telephone (803) 725-8015
DESC: The U.S. Department of Energy, Savannah River Operations
  Office, has a requirement for paramilitary security services
  to provide physical security protection at the Savannah River
  Site (SRS) located near Aiken, South Carolina. SRS is a Government-owned
  contractor-operated facility, which for over 40 years produced
  nuclear materials used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons
  for defense purposes. SRS continues to support the reduced
  needs of its defense program mission. Due to the end of the
  cold war and a diminished need for nuclear weapons, the DOE
  has redirected its efforts toward environmental restoration
  and nuclear waste management and economic development and technology
  transfer initiatives. The Site consists of approximately 310
  square miles located in west central South Carolina and houses
  a unique high level waste processing and storage facility,
  chemical separation facilities, a state-of-the-art tritium
  recycling and reloading facility, nuclear material production
  facilities (in various stages of decommissioning), as well
  as industrial and administrative facilities. The security services
  require approximately 448 armed guards authorized to utilize
  deadly force, special response team with airborne (helicopter)
  assault capabilities, law enforcement to guard and patrol services
  and complete training and administrative support. Wackenhut
  Services, Inc. (WSI) is currently providing the security to
  SR, under a DOE Management and Operating contract. The security
  is covered by a collective bargaining agreement with the United
  Plant Guard Workers of America, Local 330 union. The current
  cost-plus-award fee contract with WSI expires on September
  30, 1998. The current contract will be extended to permit sufficient
  time to complete this competition. WSI has been providing the
  services at the Site since 1983. Copies of the current contract
  will be provided to interested firms if requested. All information
  deemed necessary by DOE for interested firms to submit a proposal
  will be provided in the Request for Proposal (RFP). The Government
  contemplates award of a Cost-Plus-Incentive Fee/Award Fee contract.
  The period of performance shall be five (5) years from the
  date of award of the contract, with one optional five (5) year
  extension or in increments not-to-exceed a total of five (5)
  years. The RFP will be available on or about August 3, 1998,
  for firms responding to this notice. 
EMAILADD: corbin-jones@srs.gov
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