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2 September 1998

To: cryptography[at], gnu[at]
Subject: Cellphone encryption: open meeting, New Orleans, NOW: Mon/Tue.
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 23:55:28 -0700
From: John Gilmore <gnu[at]>

[If we have any local cypherpunks in New Orleans, please go to the
meeting and tell us what's happening.  I'm hoping to stir up a
cypherpunk presence at the whole series of meetings (see schedule
below).  The committee is doing an open public process, now it's up to
the public -- US -- to show up, understand, and help build a real
solid standard.  We have a shot to really protect the privacy of
cellphone users, starting in the 2001 generation of cellphones.  Who
wants to help?  -- gnu]

                     MEETING NOTICE (#7 - 1998)

Organization:     TIA TR-45 Ad Hoc Authentication Group (TR-45 AHAG)

Chairman:         C. Carroll, GTE Laboratories

                                 (781) 466-2936
                                 (781) 466-3095 (FAX)
				[cc06[at] -- gnu]

Vice Chairman:    F. Quick, QUALCOMM Incorporated
                                 (619) 658-3608
                                 (619) 658-2243 (FAX)

Secretary:        D. Ott, QUALCOMM Incorporated

Date:             Monday, August 31 through Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Time:             Convene at 9:00 AM on 8/31
                  Adjournment no later than 5 PM on 9/1

Location:       	Crowne Plaza
			333 Poydras St.
			New Orleans, LA 70130
			Phone: 504-525-9444 or
			Fax: 504-581-7179
			Rate: $125
			Cut-off: August 3

NOTE:  The TR-45 Quarterly meeting will be held on September 2 and 3 at
the Crowne Plaza.

                 PROPOSED AGENDA (Meeting #7 - 1998)

Note: Recesses may occur at any point in the agenda, when necessary, for
breaks, meals, and recessing for the day.

1.   Call to Order and Opening Remarks
2.   Attendance Registration
3.   Introduce Contributions and Associate with Agenda
4.   Agenda Review and Approval
5.   Review Meeting Summary
6.   Correspondence
7.   Liaison Reports
      a.   Committee TR45
      b.   Subcommittee TR45.1
      c.   Subcommittee TR45.2
      d.   Subcommittee TR45.3
      e.   Subcommittee TR45.4
      f.   Subcommittee TR45.5
      g.   Subcommittee TR45.6
      h.   CTIA
      i.   TR-45.ISD
8.   Old Business
      a.   CMEA/ORYX Security
      b.   Enhanced Privacy and Authentication
      c.   Intersystem Messaging Security
      d.   CDPD Security
      e.   SP - 3693 (TIA/EIA-95) Annex A
      f.   Elliptic Curve Cryptography
      g.   IMT-2000
      h.   OTAPA
      i.   PN-3770, Service Negotiation Stage 1
      j.   General Annex A discussion
      k.   Export Issues
      l.   Authentication Enhancements (PN-4081)
      m.   Multiple Language Support
      n.   PN-4104
      o.   A-key Entry
      p.   OTASP
      q.   SP-4027 Annex A
9.   New Business
      a.   To be determined.
10.  Presentations
11.  Schedule of Meetings
12.  Assignments
13.  Open Discussion
14.  Adjournment



The following wording is required on all contributions:

        The contributor grants a free, irrevocable license to the
        Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) to incorporate text
        contained in this contribution and any modifications thereof in the
        creation of a TIA standards publication; to copyright in the TIA's
        name any TIA standards publication even though it may include
        portions of this contribution; and at TIA's sole discretion to permit
        others to reproduce in whole or in part the resulting TIA standards

Members will be asked, "Does anyone present know of any patents, the use
of which may be essential to any standards being considered at this



Information disclosed at this meeting may be subject to the export
jurisdiction of the US Department of Commerce as specified in the Export
Administration Regulations (title 15 CFR parts 730 through 774 inclusive).

A  license issued by the Department of Commerce is required for the export of
such technical data. If it is determined by the Chair that no valid license
covers certain disclosures or discussions during this meeting, receipt of or
participation in them will be closed to US and Canadian citizens only,
in accordance with law.


Additionally meetings this year:

Sept 23-24	
Montreal, QUE	
Hotel Inter-Continental
360 Rue Saint-Antoine
Phone:  514/847-8525 or
        800/361-3600	FAX 514/987-9904
Rate:  $195 CD single/double	Cut-off:  August 24

Oct 27-28	
Santa Barbara, CA	
contract to be signed

Dec 8-10	
Wailea, Maui, HI  96753	
Renaissance Wailea
3550 Wailea Alanui Drive
Phone:  808/879-4900  Fax:  808/874-5370
Room rate = $140.00          Cut off : November 5