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16 June 1999. TTA.


"The Department of Defense encourages the participation of Minority Institutions (MIs)."

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Contract Management
Directorate (CMD), 3701 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22203-1714

SOL BAA 99-26 DUE 072699 POC Dr. Ronald L. Larsen/Dr. Gary W. Strong,
DARPA/ITO, Fax: (703) 522-7161 WEB:, E-MAIL:, The Defense Advanced Research
Agency (DARPA) is soliciting proposals for research on machine
translation and algorithms for Translingual Information Detection,
Extraction, and Summarization (TIDES). TIDES will develop the
capability to retrieve, summarize and extract tokenized information
occurring in multiple languages of DoD interest using English natural
language interfaces. Information can be both structured (tables,
charts, diagrams, published text) and unstructured (prose,
transcriptions of speeches, email). The TIDES program goal is to
dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to perform
cross-lingual retrieval, information extraction, summarization and
interpretation, and machine translation of a new language.
Metrics-based evaluation will be used to measure progress. Proposers
are strongly encouraged to include in their proposals a process and
resources to conduct metrics-based evaluation. Research is solicited in
the following three technical topic areas: 1) Machine Translation:
Apply corpus-based analysis or other groundbreaking techniques to the
problem of rapid development of machine translation for new languages
of interest. DARPA will select several dozen DoD-relevant languages to
be used for demonstrating query translation, document translation and
query refinement (relevance feedback). 2) Information Access and
Management Systems: Test the hypothesis that information access and
management can be substantially enhanced by interactions among
otherwise serial components. An example of one such interaction would
be extraction of facts within native languages followed by translation
of resulting templates as a way to produce results rapidly. Other
examples of interactions are topic detection and interaction, name and
event correlation, and multi-document summarization. Interest extends
to interfaces for multi-modal queries over high bandwidth connections
with large, high-volume multi-media and multi-lingual data. 3) Tools
and Resources: Develop corpus analysis tools (e.g., statistical,
linguistic, inter-lingual based, hybrid) that enable the automated
extraction of grammar and vocabulary from parallel and comparable
corpora in multiple languages. Develop tools for rapidly building
parallel and comparable corpora, and related linguistic tools for rapid
analysis of language. Develop annotated multilingual spoken and written
language resources in support of technical topic areas one and two,
listed above. Develop architectures for modular approaches to provide
interoperability of components. PROGRAM SCOPE: Proposed research should
investigate innovative approaches and techniques that lead to or enable
revolutionary advances in the state-of-the-art. Proposals are not
limited to the specific strategies listed above and alternative visions
will be considered. However, proposals should be for research that
substantially contributes towards the goals stated. Research should
result in prototype hardware and/or software demonstrating integrated
concepts and approaches. Specifically excluded is research that
primarily results in evolutionary improvement to the existing state of
practice or focuses on a specific system or solution. Integrated
solution sets embodying significant technological advances are strongly
encouraged over narrowly defined research endeavors. Proposals may
involve other research groups or industrial cooperation and cost
sharing. GENERAL INFORMATION: Proposers must submit an original and
eight copies of full proposals in time to reach DARPA by 4:00 PM (ET),
Monday, July 26, 1999, in order to be considered. Proposers must
obtain a pamphlet, BAA 99-26 Proposer Information, which provides
further information on the areas of interest, submission, evaluation,
funding processes, and full proposal formats. This pamphlet may be
obtained by fax, electronic mail, or mail request to the administrative
contact address given below, as well as at URL address Proposals not meeting the
format described in the pamphlet may not be reviewed. This Commerce
Business Daily notice, in conjunction with the pamphlet BAA 99-26
Proposer Information, constitutes the total BAA. No additional
information is available, nor will a formal RFP or other solicitation
regarding this announcement be issued. Requests for same will be
disregarded. The Government reserves the right to select for award all,
some, or none of the proposals received. All responsible sources
capable of satisfying the Government's needs may submit a proposal that
shall be considered by DARPA. Historically Black Colleges and
Universities (HBCU) and Minority Institutions (MI) are encouraged to
submit proposals and join others in submitting proposals. However, no
portion of this BAA will be set aside for HBCU and MI participation due
to the impracticality of reserving discrete or severable areas of this
research for exclusive competition among these entities. Evaluation of
proposals will be accomplished through a scientific review of each
proposal using the following criteria, which are listed in descending
order of relative importance: (1) overall scientific and technical
merit, (2) potential contribution and relevance to DARPA mission, (3)
offeror's capabilities and related experience, (4) plans and capability
to accomplish technology transition, and (5) cost realism. All
administrative correspondence and questions on this solicitation,
including requests for information on how to submit a proposal to this
BAA, must be directed to one of the administrative addresses below for
receipt by 4:00 PM (ET), Monday, July 19, 1999, e-mail or fax is
preferred. DARPA intends to use electronic mail and fax for some of the
correspondence regarding BAA 99-26. Proposals may not be submitted by
fax; any so sent will be disregarded. The administrative addresses for
this BAA are: Fax: 703-522-7161, Addressed to: DARPA/ITO, BAA 99-26;
Electronic Mail:; Electronic File Retrieval:; Mail: DARPA/ITO, ATTN: BAA
99-26, 3701 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203-1714. Posted
06/09/99 (W-SN340831). (0160)


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A000950 Department of Defense
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0505023 Hispanic-Serving Institutions
0505011 Historically Black Colleges & Universities
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1004021 Machine Translation
100400A All Computer Science
1000000 Science & Technology & Mathematics & Computer Science
0408026 Industrial Cooperation
1004069 Natural Language Programming
1004008 Computer Storage & Retrieval
1004151 Information Retrieval

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