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17 November 1997

Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:21:43 -0800
To: cypherpunks[at]
From: Steve Schear <schear[at]>
Subject: [FWD] Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape

    Date: 06 Nov 1997 07:58:03 -0800 (PST)
    From: Phil Agre <pagre[at]>
    Subject: Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape

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  Technology and Privacy:
  The New Landscape

  edited by

    Philip E. Agre
    University of California, San Diego

    Marc Rotenberg
    Electronic Privacy Information Center

  MIT Press, 1997

  ISBN: 0-262-01162-X

  Available through the EPIC Bookstore:

  Excerpts from the introduction can be found at:

  MIT Press Web site:

Privacy is the capacity to negotiate social relationships by
controlling access to personal information.  As laws, policies, and
technological design increasingly structure people's relationships with
social institutions, individual privacy faces new threats and new
opportunities.  Over the last several years, the realm of technology
and privacy has been transformed, creating a landscape that is both
dangerous and encouraging.  Significant changes include large increases
in communications bandwidths; the widespread adoption of computer
networking and public-key cryptography; mathematical innovations that
promise a vast family of protocols for protecting identity in complex
transactions; new digital media that support a wide range of social
relationships; a new generation of technologically sophisticated
privacy activists; a massive body of practical experience in the
development and application of data-protection laws; and the rapid
globalization of manufacturing, culture, and policy making.

The essays in this book provide a new conceptual framework for the
analysis and debate of privacy policy and for the design and
development of information systems.  The authors are international
experts in the technical, economic, and political aspects of privacy;
the book's strength is its synthesis of the three.  The book provides
equally strong analyses of privacy issues in the United States, Canada,
and Europe.


  Philip E. Agre
    Beyond the mirror world: Privacy and the representational
    practices of computing

  Victoria Bellotti
    Design for privacy in multimedia computing and communications

  Colin J. Bennett
    Convergence revisited: Towards a global policy for personal
    data protection

  Herbert Burkert
    Privacy enhancing technologies: Typology, vision, critique

  Simon G. Davies
    Re-engineering the privacy right: How privacy has been
    transformed from a right to a commodity 

  David H. Flaherty
    Controlling surveillance: Can privacy protection be made

  Robert Gellman
    Does privacy law work?

  Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger
    Generational development of data protection in Europe

  David J. Phillips
    Cryptography, secrets, and the structuring of trust

  Rohan Samarajiva
    Interactivity as though privacy mattered