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9 June 1999. TTA.

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"Carol A. Kunze" wrote:

Update: 6/3/99

The UCITA draft (offsite) is up.

There are three new postings in the NCCUSL section:

Security Mutual Life, letter to NCCUSL, May 26, 1999 (opposition)

Response to SIM form letter (above letter is an example), Terrence P. Maher, June 3, 1999

MPAA, RIAA, NAA, NAB, NCTA, MPA, letter to John McClaugherty, May 10, 1999 (entertainment industry opposition)

There are new articles in the Legal Articles section:
36 Houston Law Review No. 1 (Spring 1999), Symposium: Licensing in The Digital Age Images and Contract Law - What Law Applies to Transactions in Information, Raymond Nimmer

The Public Policy of Information Licensing, Lorin Brennan

The Politics of Licensing Law (MS Word download), Holly Towle

How Copyright Uses License Rights to Succeed in the Open Source Software Revolution and the Implications for Article 2B, Robert W. Gomulkiewicz

Essay: Time and Assent in the Formation of Information Contracts: The Mischief of Applying Article 2 to Information Contracts, Jeff Dodd

There is a new posting in the Other Commentary section:

Micalyn Harris, Article 2 - Scope - Section 2-103 - Overarching Principles and Timing Make It Appropriate To Exclude Computer Software and Information Transactions from Article 2, May 19, 1999


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