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12 May 1998

Subject: Conference on UK and EU crypto policy - 29th May 1998
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 12:47:19 +0100
From: Ross Anderson <>

On May 29th, there will be a successor to last year's `Scrambling for
Safety' conference. It will be held at at University College, London;
it is motivated by the DTI's recent cryptography policy announcement,
and by an EU directive on digital signatures which is due out on the
13th May.

This conference will provide a public forum for the Government and
the European Commission to explain their policy initiatives to 
industry, commerce and the professions, and for interested parties to 
provide their initial feedback.

A fuller version of this announcement is available on the web at

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	   Privacy, security and commercial implications of
	      the UK and EU crypto policy announcements

			Friday 29th May 1998

			Bloomsbury Theatre, 
		     University College, London


09.50   Welcome

10.00	Keynote speaker, DTI
	`The Government's cryptography policy proposals'

10.20	Richard Schlechter, European Commission
	`European Crypto Policy - new developments'

10.40	Discussion

11.00	Tea

11.30	Roy Tait, ITS
	`The problems of the small British exporter'

11.50	Chris Sundt, CBI
	`Have business criticisms really been addressed?'

12.10	Jeremy Hilton, International Commerce Exchange
	`Understanding and managing the risks'

12.30   Discussion

1.00	Lunch

2.00	Dave Banisar, EPIC
	`Privacy, Human Rights, Surveillance and Cryptography: An
	international view'

2.20	Whit Diffie, Sun Microsystems
	`Information warfare and key escrow'

2.40 	Discussion

3.00	Coffee

3.30	Nicholas Bohm, Law Society working group on digital signatures
	`A lawyer's view of the new policy'

3.50	John Williams, British Medical Association
	`The view of the medical profession'

4.20	Plenary discussion

5.00	Close

Organised by:	University College London
		Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
		Privacy International

Site map: <>


There will be no cost for members of the public to attend. However
last year's conference was oversubscribed, so please reserve your
place by filling in the registration form at

If you have difficulties with the web form, you can send email to with your name, organisation, address,
telephone, email and PGP fingerprint. However we'd prefer you to use
the form as it will (hopefully) save us a bit of work.


Details of last year's `Scrambling for Safety' conference are at

The DTI policy announcement is at <> 

The Labour Party's pre-election position can still be found at

EPIC's cryptography policy page at <> has a
number of useful links, as does the Global Internet Liberty Campaign
at <> and the Campaign Against Censorship of 
the Internet in Britain at <>

A fuller list of links can be found on the web version of this
announcement, at <>

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