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14 April 1998
Thanks to John Gilmore

US Naval Academy

NR Space and Electronic Warfare 0666

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Night Launch of STS-67, Commanded By NSRP Director CAPT Stephen S. Oswald, USNR

Gaining Command:

As the name implies, the Navy Space Systems Division is the office responsible for developing a composite program for the Navy's use of space systems to perform surveillance, communications, navigation, command and control, environmental sensing, targeting, and warning. N63 is the principal point of contact within the Navy for command and control space matters, including policy and planning for space exploitation and the defense of space systems. This office also ensures that Navy space systems meet the needs of the operational commanders, including joint commands, and represents the Department of the Navy (DON) on interdepartmental, DoD, and national committees related to space systems.

The staff of the Director, Navy Space Systems Division, assesses future satellite and space system concepts and applications as they relate to the overall Navy command and control plan. They also validate requirements for space systems; coordinate with the OPNAV warfare and platform sponsors to ensure that space systems are responsive to operational requirements; maintain liaison with the other services and federal agencies for space system utilization; and identify training needs related to space systems support. The division also sponsors NAVSPACECOM and NAVSPASUR initiatives within OPNAV.

N63 consists of the five branches. The Deputy Director is identified as N63B, while the branches are numbered N631-N635.

Reserve Unit Organization

NR DIR SPAEW N6 0666 is organized....