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29 September 1998

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:36:20 +0200
To: John Young <>
Subject: [Fwd: [ICRYPTO] Wassenaar (non) results/ French Echelon system,]

Dear all,

My sources say that Wassenaar expert meetings ended last
Friday without any agreements on crypto whatsoever, despite
a variety of proposals on this issue.

They have updated their lists in this experts meeting in
points undisputed & postponed the sensible crypto theme to
next experts meeting. This will take place weeks before
December plenary (the exact date is not fixed yet).
Ergo: The hardliners in Wassenaar have not got their will.

Possible is a more liberal crypto rules outcome in December
plenary with a bunch of tighter national restrictions (by
the usual suspects) to follow right after.

As to the Finnish Bangemann questionnaire concerning European
wiretapping efforts in the EU-Parliament Rigo referred to
(see URLS below)

To my knowledge the French have built up an Echelon-like
wiretapping system of their own, operating from Dordogne
(France), French Guayana & Nouvelle Caledonie. As the Brits
are entangled with the US, the French keep the Germans
informed - that could be the reason of Mr Bangemann's
coyness in answering.

Here's some more Wassenaar Echo from Austria:
More to come
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