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9 December 1998

From: "Caspar Bowden" <>
To: "Ukcrypto (E-mail)" <>
Subject: More from Wassenaar Secretariat
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 09:19:09 -0000

-----Original Message-----
From: Wassenaar Secretariat []
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 1998 16:54
To: Caspar Bowden
Subject: Re: Attn: Dirk Weicke

Mr. Weicke is still away, however, I can assure you that the 
Secretariat has been recently authorized by all member states to 
publish the new Lists on the web site.  This will be done as soon 
as possible.  Please be patient, we are a very small Secretariat.

Glenn Sibbitt
Special Advisor
WA Secretariat

Caspar Bowden wrote:

> Dear Mr.Weicke,
> We spoke by telephone on Fri afternoon.
> You mentioned that the text and details of the new agreement 
> would be published on the Wassenaar website this week.
> I understand that you have been away sick for a few days (my 
> commiserations), but there have been reports from your 
> colleagues that there will in fact be no publication on your 
> Website.
> I'd be most grateful if you could just confirm when publication 
> of details will take place, in particular the "Cryptography 
> Note" detailing key-length limits, and definitions of categories.
> Kind regards
> --
> Caspar Bowden          
> Director, Foundation for Information Policy Research
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