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7 April 1997
For more comprehensive Category 5, see

9 March 1997

CRYPTON:Angou Nikki ( written on Mon Mar 10 04:57:44 JST 1997 )

Title: The Wassenaar Arrangement (category 5 part 2)
XURL: (snip)

This is my hand-written memo of (a part of) the Wassenaar Arrangement. Sorry if this is not exact. Following text is based on my hand-written memorandum. Please read/reuse on your risks.







CATEGORY 5 -PART 2- (pp.76-78)



5.A.2. Exceptions

5.A.2.a.1. Designed or modified to use "cryptography" employing digital techniques to ensure "Information security";

5.A.2.a.6. Designed or modified to provide certified or certifiable "multilevel security" or user isolation at a level exceeding Class B2 of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC) or equivalent;

5.A.2.a.e. Designed or modified for only copy protection.

5.A.2.a.f. Designed or modified to keep access control materials of personal identification number (PIN) etc, and to block access to facilities without authentication, and [..] does not allow encryption for file or text.

5.A.2.a.g. Designed or modified to provide message authentication code [..].

5.A.2.a.h. [..] designed and limited for banking or money transactions [..].

Sorry, that's all.

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- Tsuyoshi Hayashi <>
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Thanks to Tsuyoshi Hayashi.

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