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15 February 1998

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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 08:46:40 -0700
From: bill payne <>
Subject: RSA and Sandia National Laboratories

Sunday 2/15/98 8:06 AM

John Young,

Morales and I talked yesterday about the phenomenal number of browsers
at jya recently. Perhaps we can help to increase the numbers even further:

For the data authentication project my immediate chain of command was:

	Paul Stokes - department manager
	John Holovka - supervisor
	Howard B [Jim] Durham - seismic verification system project leader

Durham retired. Holovka  was replaced by Tom Wright. This is the “Tom” 
written on the DRAFT letter to NSA manager Hearn seen in my SAND report 
now posted at, click cryptome. Or OpEd.

Wright had me train two younger Sandia employees on use of Forth. These 
two employees were Tim Devine and Tim Draelos. I contracted with Jerry 
Boutelle, Peter Midnight, or Henry Neugass to teach a Forth class SOLELY 
for these two Sandians.

Draelos and I jointed successfully completed a project to connect the 
seismic data authenticator to the Livermore portable seismic system 
using an Intel SDLC chip.

Director Tommy Sellers assumed supervision of Stokes.

Wright brought in Steven Goldsmith to manage me. Goldsmith merely sat 
in his office, appeared to do no work and also appeared to know nothing 
about finite mathematics. Goldsmith and Sellers revised one of my 
letters to NSA’s Hearn. Plagiarized actually.

But they made a number of technical blunders.  Which I pointed in my 
usual detail to them in a memorandum. Wright copied my notes for slides 
and went to DOE for funding. I was in attendance when Wright gave the 
presentation of NSA. My future support at Sandia was endangered. At a 
time of impending layoffs. Therefore I filed plagiarism complaints with 
the Sandia ombudsman Harvey Brewster.

Sellers and Brewster transferred me to break electronic locks for the 
FBI. The Engineering Research Facility, Quantico, VA. My mmediate FBI 
supervisor was SSA Mike Uttaro. His supervisor was Mike McDevitt.

Shortly after my transfer, I learned that Goldsmith and Wright were 
in the process of contracting with RSA Inc for Sandia.

Materials posted at SOFTWAR in Internet and elsewhere indicate that 
US VP Al Gore is getting money from RSA. Apparently Gore helped RSA get 
a crypto contract with China. Perhaps Gore also help RSA get contracts 
with Sandia?

I will send you copies of the INCOMPETENTLY plagiarized memorandum to 
Hearn authored by Goldsmith and signed by Sellars.

Appearance is created that that the government was giving money to RSA 
Inc.  And Al Gore was getting some of that money back from RSA.

Time for another FOIA.

But we should settle this unfortunate mess instead?  I want my money.

On the techie side, I THINK I have how to implement CALL_ABSOLUTE  
figured out.  And do not need a .com version.


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