16 April 2006. A writes:

I enjoy reading your website, while not agreeing with everything, it provides a lot of information not found in the mainstream media. However, the charges against Paul Kagame and Joseph Kabila are a little too much to believe. The accusations against Kagame are a rehash of the accusations against Uganda's president Museveni and the one thing they have in common is that they let France avoid blame for the genocide in Rwanda, even though they did support the Hutus. There is an almost pathological dislike for France in the current Rwandan government, I wonder why?

The unverified photo and paternity allegations are purely a character assassination, who would benefit from that? The meme of Joseph Kabila as a tool of the Tutsis (or is it Jews?) is an old one. The tribal/ethnic card is played in Africa like the race card is played in America and is just as ugly.

The lessening of France’s influence in Africa does give some diehard colonialists ulcers, perhaps they want the good old days back. Don't get me wrong, no one in the Great Lakes Region is without blood on their hands, and the leaders are all conniving kleptocrats, but if French companies were raping the DRC, would you hear these same complaints from the same sources?

I’m not trying to get you to change your website, I know you meant well, it was just too much for me to read that and not say anything.

16 April 2006

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Thursday 13 April 2006


Long denied by Josef Kanambe (aka Kabila) current head of the transitional 'government' of the Democratic Republic of Congo, new photographic proof of his past intimate association with the Rwandan junta headed by Paul Kagame has emerged (attached).

Rwanda in 1996 invaded DRC and installed a Vicky regime, later under Josef Kanambe (who claims falsely to be the natural son of the late President of DRC). In the process genocide in which an estimated 2.8 million - 3.1 million Congolese were exterminated in the "slow-motion holocaust" .

Josef Kanambe has long denied he was a confidant of Paul Kagame. The photograph, taken in 1994, shows him in the bodyguard of the aforesaid Kagame two years before the start of the genocide.

President of the Congolese National Party, Jemadari Kilele, called for a summary United Nations' criminal court to be convened under the Rome Statute in order to bring to trial both Kanambe (aka Kabila) and Kagame for Crimes against Humanity and against Humanitarian Law in the manner of that presently being arranged for Charles Taylor of Liberia and that for the deceased Milosovic of Yugoslavia in The Hague.


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