22 February 2006. Updated. Thanks to A for a slew of listings.

19 February 2006

Local.Live.com provides detailed birdseye views of parts of the US. The main site lists 12 cities, adds: "It's not a complete list—we have more locations than we can fit on this page!" Other birdseye locations spotted so far by random panning and from contributions:

Atlantic City, NJ

Baltimore, MD

Barstow, CA

Bellingham, WA

Blaine, WA

Brewerton, NY (thanks to A)

Brownsville, TX

Buffalo, NY

Chesapeake, VA

Cincinnati, OH

Corpus Christi, TX (Naval Station Ingleside, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station)

Dam Neck, VA (US Navy Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic)

Detroit, MI

Galveston, TX

Gettysburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA

Houston, TX (NASA Johnson Space Center)

Indianapolis, IN

Irving, NY

Kansas City, KS

Lowell, MA

Marietta, GA (Dobbins Air Force Base)

Mayport, FL (Mayport Naval Base)

Middletown, PA (Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant)

Moline, IL

New City, NY (Indian Point Nuclear Generating Station, Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks)

Norfolk, VA (Norfolk Naval Station, Little Creek Amphibious Warfare Station)

Niagara Falls, NY

Ocean View/Woodbine/Eldora, NJ (Cape May County)

Paterson/Paramus/Bergenfield, NJ

Rochester, NY

San Clemente, CA

Savannah, GA

Shadigree/Point Breeze/Troutburg, NY

Site R, PA (DoD Alternate Joint Communications Center)

Syracuse, NY (thanks to A)

Texas City, TX (BP Refinery Explosion Site)

Tucson, AZ

Victorville, CA

West Somerset, NY

York, PA

Provided by A, 22 February 2006 (Comments by A)

Cape Coral, FL (incl. Fort Myers (Beach), Coconut etc., see below)

Fort Myers Beach, FL

Coconut, FL (and surrounding area)

Citrus, FL (but not much to see there)

Jacksonville Beach / Neptune Beach / Atlantic Beach, FL (area just below Mayport Naval Station that is already on your list, so maybe doesn't count as new)

Franklintown, FL at Nassau Sound (not much to see)

Brunswick, GA & Airport east of Brunswick & Glynco Jetport Airport north of Brunswick

Richmond Hill, GA

Hunter Army Airfield, GA (in Savannah so also already listed)

AES Power Plant,CA The AES power plant is the only major power plant in Orange County, which otherwise gets its power from outside the County.

Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, CA

Fairfield, CA

Big Bear Solar Observatory, Big Bear Lake, CA

C&H Plant, Crockett, CA

Del Valle Training Center, CA

Diemer Filtration Plant, Yorba Linda, CA

El Mirage Flight Test Facility, El Mirage, CA

Orange County Sewage Plant #2, Huntington Beach, CA

And more:

Gadsdon, Etowa County, AL

Apalachin, NY

Yorkshire / Arcade, NY

Wyoming County, NY

Crystal River, FL

Perry Nuclear Power Plant, OH