5 June 2006. Liam Clarke, Sunday Times, comments on Martin Ingram and Martin McGuinness:


4 June 2006

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The Sunday Times - Ireland: Security experts discredit claim that McGuinness was MI6 spy


Response from Martin Ingram


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New Sunday World Exclusive reveals more shock claims.


Martin Ingram and Eamonn McCann discuss the McGuinness allegations on New York Radio .

Radio Free Eireann on Saturday June 3rd at 1.30 pm spot.


Codename that MI5 tagged McGuinness with on secret dossiers.

Martin McGuinness's codename as a British spy was 'The Fisherman' -- that's the sensational new claim by a NEW security source.

It follows last week's revelation when former spook Martin Ingram first named the self-confessed IRA boss as an undercover agent.  But now a new senior security force source has surfaced.  And he claims that:

McGuinness's codename was 'The fisherman' because of his passion for angling.

For the first time, he reveals Sinn Fein supertout Denis Donalsson's codename was 'Mr O'Neill' - a play on the 'P O'Neill' name carried at the end of IRA statements.

He says there were two Provo OCs in Belfast who were also informers, and tells of their codenames.


And last night Martin Ingram denied Gerry Adams's claim that Ingram really wanted Martin McGuinness murdered, he said, "His remarks are aimed at me and anybody who knows me knows that what he is saying is not true.''

''What I want to see happen to Martin McGuinness is what I have wanted to see happen to Freddie Scappaticci.  I want to see a criminal brought to justice.  I don't see why a criminal like Martin McGuinness should be protected by the system.''


The Martin McGuinness 'spy' saga took a dramatic new twist last night - when a senior security source claimed his code name was "The Fisherman.''

He said the self confessed former second OC of the Derry Brigade of the IRA worked to an intelligence unit known as "Box 500".

That covered MI5, MI6 and the British rmy's undercover Force Research Unit.  "Box 500" was also the post box code for MI5 in London.

For the first time, the source also revealed the code name used by Sinn Fein ''supertout" Denis  Donalsdson.

He said that was "Mr O'Neill" -- after the "P. O'Neill" whose name appears at the end of statements issued by the IRA.

The Sunday World has checked out both with other senior security sources.


They say that both "stand up".

And saying it is "time the lid was lifted" on the whole spying story running between British intelligence agencies -- including the police Special Branch here -- and republican and loyalist paramilitaries, the senior source claimed:

Martin McGuinness was codenamed "The Fisherman" because of his passion for angling.

Coincidentally, the motto of the Force Research Unit (FRU) is "Fishers of Men".

The south Derry MP has strenuously denied a claim by a former spook Martin Ingram that he was, or is, a spy.

He said it was "total and absolute rubbish".

Mr McGuinness said that "elements of the DUP were behind this story".

Both Martin Ingram and the Sunday World  have denied that.

Denis Donaldson was dubbed "Mr O'Neill" by his MI5 and Special Branch handlers.

The former Sinn Fein "Mr Fixit" at Stormont was shot dead outside a remote cottage near Glenties in County Donegal in early April.

The new source says the codename "Mr. O'Neil" was a "word play" on the "P. O'Neill" who signs statements issued in the name of the IRA.

The source  said: "Those in the IRA who debriefed Donaldson after he admitted he was an informer will know that that is his codename.''


Someone very close to Brian Keenan, the Provos' deputy chief of staff, also known as the IRA Adjutant General, was a tout.

Someone equally close to Martin Meehan was also an informer.

Said the new source: "The IRA's north Belfast brigade met regularly in a flat in the Cliftonville Road area".

"Someone very close to Martin Meehan was 'on the books' ".  The flat was wired from ceiling to floor.

"That stopped parts of Belfast being flattened by Provo bombs.  The boy who was involved there was paid half-decent money.  We called what he was doing 'preventive medicine' ".

The IRA OC in Andersonstown at one time was also an informer.

His codenamd was "Chiefy", according to the source.

The IRA OC in the New Lodge was also a tout.

Said the source "He liked a drink. He was codenamed 'AA' - after Alcoholics Anonymous' ".

And then the senior source dropped a real bombshell on the loyalist side of the fence.

Asked if there were any "big names" there that haven't already come out, he said he would only mention two.

The first is a shocker: John McMichael, one of the first UDA brigadiers who has become almost an icon in Protestant paramilitary ranks.

He was murdered by the Provos just before Christmas 1987 after being set up by UDA gangster Jimmy Craig, later shot dead in the Bunch Of Grapes bar in East Belfast in revenge.


Last night, when that was put to a very prominent loyalist paramilitary figure once sentenced to life for murder, tellingly, he greeted it with a silence.

The second loyalist claimed by the security source to be working for British intelligence cannot be named for legal reasons.

But when that eventually comes out, it will send more shock waves through loyalist paramilitary ranks.

Explaining his motives for talking to the Sunday world in the wake of our revelations concerning Martin McGuinness last week, the new source, who we met at a secret location in Belfast, said: "I am not tryig to set anyone up for targeting or death, as some people have suggested this week.  But this really was a dirty little war.  And if we're talking about the war really being over, it's better that everything should come out in the wash now, rather than later if there really is going to be a peace process involving truth and reconcilliation''.