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25 November 2006

Michael John Smith [] writes:

I thought you would like to put these secret MI5 debriefing reports onto 
Cryptome. They are the reports made by Stella Rimington when she was the 
Head of Counter-intelligence (i.e. the "Desk") and are taken from interviews 
with Viktor Oshchenko shortly after he defected to the UK in 1992. 
mi5-oshchenko.pdf (40 pages, 2MB)

I thought while I was about it I might as well send you the other MI5 reports and briefing notes concerning Oleg Gordievsky. The allegations made in these documents were all refuted by me at the time, and some charges were not pursued as a result. However, the smears made in these MI5 documents were put into the public domain through leaks to the media, and were used against me in the secret trial and other official documents. Now is the time for me to give my version of the story, and I shall raise my replies with you or on my blog over the coming weeks.   mi5-gordievsky.pdf (13 pages, 695KB)