14 March 2004. thanks to A.

British police are investigating an attempted telephone tap and burglary at Kevin Fulton's London residence last week. Fulton, former secret agent of MoD's Force Research Unit (FRU) operating in Northern Ireland and Ireland, believes MI5 executed the bungled tap and successful burglary for the Ministry of Defence.

Taken in the burglary were:

1. Two audio cassettes of Fulton's recording of his handlers in the FRU -- Fulton regularly recorded handlers' instructions. One tape contains information about an attack in which a policeman was killed. Another has discussions with investigator Eric Anderson in which Anderson offers Fulton £20,000 for evidence.

2. Fulton's notebook of agents he recruited for FRU undercover work in Northern Ireland. Fulton has asked the police to alert these agents that their names have been stolen.

3. Documents Fulton has assembled in court action against MoD.

Fulton worked with MI5 in the early 1990s on NI, UK and US operations. US operations were conducted by MI5 and the FBI against IRA supporters and to relocate to the US ex-IRA members who aided HMG, including one involved in the murder of an off-duty British soldier. The FBI case officer was then based in New York City to combat "Irish terrorism" and is now assigned to the Chicago office.