26 October 2002. Thanks to J.

From: Tim Gopsill [SMTP:TimG@nuj.org.uk]
Sent: 24 October 2002 17:20
To: freepress@cpbf.demon.co.uk
Subject: shayler note

On Monday Oct 28 at 9.30 am the place to be is outside the Old Bailey.

That morning the trial of David Shayler finally starts. There has been
unreported legal wrangling  going on for two weeks over state applications
for parts of the trial to be held in camera and for four MI5 witnesses to be
anonymous. These applications, in PII certificates, were granted by the
judge. Shayler appealed against them and lost. But the judge imposed a ban
on reporting any of these proceedings, on the grounds that it would
prejudice the trial proper when it started. That's why no-one knows about
this. (I've been in court some of the time.)

It is a massive cover-up. Shayler's case is against the incompetence and
corruption of the security services and they are desperate to cover it up.

The CPBF and the NUJ have supported David all along. He needs it. All legal
attempts to ameliorate the severity of the charges against him (six years in
jail) have now failed and, officially, he has NO LEGAL DEFENCE. His defence
of justification, the public interest, the necessity to expose wrong-doing
etc, has already been struck out by the courts.  He is defending himself,
because ,he says, his lawyers cannot do so because according to the law they
have no case to argue.

There will be a picket in David's support outside the Old Bailey. The NUJ
has made some placards. David's supporters are gathering in the Magpie and
Stump boozer opposite the courthouse at 9.30am.

Please come if you can.