23 July 2001. Thanks to Gordon Logan.


By Gordon Logan


(The author, Gordon Logan, triggered the premature Moscow Coup of August 1991, that led to the downfall of the Soviet Union. The introduction below presupposes some familiarity with www.cryptome.org/markov-file.htm , and www.cryptome/markov-file3.htm), otherwise the reader can scroll down to the main body of the article. MI6 refers to SIS, and more specifically to the largely SIS clique based on the Joint Intelligence Committee that have established themselves as Britain’s secret government, using a large cadre of agents in the media, and bagmen from the forces. Their commitment to their right wing Republican analogues who have usurped a similar role in the United States is virtually total, as the reader will find out. This allegiance has done nothing for the British, many of whom experience their country as the primary post-industrial slum of Western Europe.)

Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 12:22 PM
To: logan_g@jic.edu.sa
Subject: Djogova


… I visited Djogova. […] She said that she was called to the National Parliament (meaning the State Security) in connection with Mercia [Mercia MacDermott - the British double agent who tricked the Bulgarians into killing Georgi Markov in 1978. G.L.] She said that they told her that they had stopped your press articles, and those against you. […] When I asked her why she maintained Mercia under constant surveillance [from 1985 G.L.] she said that our services maintained surveillance of many people, including you. But Mercia did a lot for Bulgaria… [trans. from Bulgarian]


The above e-mail from Sofia, Bulgaria, refers to Mrs Radka Djogova, who was an old friend of Mercia MacDermott and was charged with her surveillance after she was caught in 1985. Amongst other things, Mrs MacDermott was forbidden to give her telephone number to Bulgarians, and Mrs. Djogova had the task of ensuring that Mrs MacDermott gave a false telephone number to anyone that requested it. As Mrs. Djogova indicates, I was also kept under surveillance, but it was discrete and of a very different nature, and unlike Mrs MacDermott, I could give my telephone number to anyone I liked.

The other important thing in the above is that it indicates that I have been banned from the media in Bulgaria. That suggests that the Bulgarian government had allowed my Cryptome articles (see www.cryptome.org/markov-file.htm ) to be published in January in order to turn the screws on Britain and the United States, and force them to go back on their secret agreement to let the country revert to the ex-communists (and the Russians). There can be little doubt that the Russians retaliated by giving the green light to the Albanian rebels to move into Macedonia a few weeks later in February. If any clarification is needed, then read the following, written by a personal enemy of mine: Col. Yuli Georgiev, former head of Bulgarian counter-intelligence, who has long had excellent connections with the Russian FRS.

"Because of the crisis that is afflicting the Russian economy, the military strategists of the United States and NATO have made the mistake of underestimating the Russians' capabilities. It is however clear that the fact that Russia has limited military and economic resources, means that she will resort to other, concealed mechanisms, with which to increase the political and economic instability - and inter-ethnic conflicts - of the Balkan countries even further. Russia is good at playing on the contradictions between the United States and Europe, and consequently could get support in influential Republican circles, who have indicated that they are willing to withdraw from some areas, and to return the world to the days when the stability of whole regions and continents was guaranteed by the geopolitical powers, with respect for their interests, and an acceptance of their right of influence and intervention." [Italics by G.L. Trans. form Bulgarian]

I am also banned in Britain and the United States. According to literary agents on both sides of the Atlantic there is ‘zero interest’ from publishers, who do not even send rejection slips. So MI6 has been working hard over the last year to globalize censorship.

In Britain and America, only Martin Bright of the Observer, (who had already had problems with Britain’s secret police), and John Young of Cryptome have dared to deal with me, so I seem to be regarded as a minefield. I have been in touch with a few British organizations that advertise themselves as campaigners for liberty, freedom of information, etc. John Wadham’s organization Liberty wrote the following for example:

"We are forced to decide how to target our resources in a matter [sic] that is most effective and which our members approve of. We have considered the information you gave us but feel the issues involved would be too much to take on at this time."

Wadham blames his members(!) for his organization’s refusal to support Sir Teddy Taylor MP, and write two letters (with second class stamps) to the then Home Secretary and the then Foreign Secretary respectively, requesting them to reopen the investigations into the murders of Georgi Markov and Robert Maxwell. It would be foolish to interpret the refusal of Mr Wadham’s organization as the mere spinelessness of a gang of ambitious young lawyers bent on using Liberty as a stepping stone to Parliament. It is a clear indication of penetration and manipulation by the secret police – similar to the way that MI5 ran the British Communist Party for years. This is the sort of thing that was understood by the people of Eastern Europe ten or more years ago, but which the people of Britain either do not notice, or participate in without a qualm. Like the gagged press, such organizations are ultimately ineffectual, and spend their time shadowing boxing, winning the odd court case, rather than going for the jugular and exposing the criminality of Britain’s secret state, so that the politicians can find the courage to go in and kick ass.

Since last December, I have been working on MI6 from abroad. However, on 6th June, following an improvement in Britain’s diplomatic relations with that part of the world, a couple of plain clothes officers of the local Intelligence Service paid a visit to the director of the English Language Center where I work. I was called into his office afterwards and told that they had asked him to tell me to stop communicating across international boundaries on matters relating to MI6. I understood from the conversation that the British Foreign Office might arrange a spell in one of the local prisons on a trumped up charge. Does the new Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, permit this sort of crap from his subordinates?

I was not surprised that Robin Cook was demoted after the general election– he fell out with his pin-striped thugs in February last year when the Ghadafi, Markov and Maxwell cases hit his desk in short order; he was reported in the Observer on 19th March last, as having protested (with Peter Hain) to Straw about censorship.

I was disturbed to read some weeks ago that the late John Smith’s widow had been given a job with Hakluyt. A smoking gun if ever there was one. Hakluyt is an MI6 company, and it is difficult not to conclude that Mrs Smith was placed there for purposes of surveillance. There was speculation after John’s death that he had been poisoned. The Americans had been cultivating Blair, Mandelson and Brown since the eighties, and Blair was too promising, and manipulable, for them to pass up. Meta Ramsey must have ‘failed’ John, and MacColl and Spedding would have taken care of the rest. I have met that kind of murderer several times. They would watch you drop dead on the carpet without turning a hair. I have been told (by someone connected with MI6) that Smith would have had the courage to resist MI6 if he had become Prime Minister. Blair, by contrast, is paralyzed if there isn’t a Mandelson or a Campbell to hold his hand. Pathetic.

I still haven’t written an official complaint about the role of MI6 in the Markov and Maxwell murders, for the simple reason that ‘complaints may only be made in respect of anything believed to have been done after 15th December 1994, when the Act came into force’. Did Jack not know that, when he wrote to Teddy Taylor on Jan 29th? Perhaps the best approach would be simply to walk into Scotland Yard and get them to take Mrs MacDermott in for questioning. As Straw mentioned in his letter, I visited the Foreign Office on December 21st last, and spoke to a Mr. Falconer in the public reception area. On the other side of the room, a man in a razor sharp blue pin stripe suit was pacing up and down, obviously from upstairs. As I left, I glimpsed his face: very worried indeed. These people are fighting for survival.


When I began writing on David Shayler’s website in November 1999, I expressed the opinion that we had to drive a wedge between the government and the security services. Clearly we succeeded, though we hadn’t anticipated the weakness of the Prime Minister. David reposted my revelations several times – notably in mid March last year, when the Observer responded on 19th March with a series of articles telling their readers to go to his website. To close down his website, MI6 had to get him back to Britain. Meanwhile censorship struck Britain in the form of a stick and a carrot. The stick was the new top level censorship committee (reported in the Sunday Times on May 21st last year), and the first journalist to be offered the carrot was the BBC’s World Affairs Editor, John Simpson, who was invited for lunch with wine in the MI6’s new House of Cards at Vauxhall Cross. One of John’s best friends is Sir Peter (or is it Michael?) Reddaway – a wonderful fellow who makes an excellent living at the FCO making sure as little information as possible reaches journalists and members of Parliament. Another of the many journalists that have gone to Vauxhall Cross to schmooze with the spooks is the editor who killed the Markov/Maxwell story after three months of chicanery. Such prostitution deserves more than a lunch or a knighthood, it deserves a dukedom – and a good hiding from his colleagues.

With the accusations that have accumulated, the spectre of European law has been tormenting MI6 for over a year now. On top of that there is the rising scandal of Echelon. The British secret government, dominated by MI6 and the CIA head of station in Grosvenor Square, is incompatible with the modus operandi of the European Union, and legal bust-ups with Europe are looming on the horizon.

It was therefore no surprise that a Republican delegation led by Senator Phil Gramm slipped into London last summer to visit the ‘unelectable’ William Haig and propose British membership of NAFTA. The secret government was hoping to solve its problems by getting Blair out and reversing Britain out of Europe and into NAFTA. Master cooks themselves, they will have no qualms about cohabiting with the Bush administration (which is run by shysters who have cooked everything from the Florida electoral rolls to the US Supreme Court).

Not surprisingly, I, and members of my family, attract rather close surveillance. This can have its advantages. We occasionally have the opportunity to learn things from people with a remarkably good understanding of the black arts of politics, much better than any gagged British newspaper. For example when embarrassing documents from the Downing Street waste paper basket began to surface in the British press last June, we were told that ‘MI6 wanted to get Blair out at the next election’.

However, after months of ‘Downing Street Leaks’ from Blair’s waste paper basket, the secret government and the CIA chief of station were shocked to find that Blair’s popularity was quite unaffected. As the autumn turned into winter, and the Downing Street leaks dried up, the press began to blame Blair for the worsening weather. The anti-Blair campaign, spearheaded by the huge circulation of the transatlanticly owned Murdoch/Black newspapers (25 million copies a day) was followed by the entire press – Conservative and Labour. So striking was this sustained anti-Blair barrage, that Newsweek finally made it the main subject of its May 21st issue, and printed a spoof tabloid cover with the following headlines ‘85% Chance of Rain, and Blair Does Nothing’ and ‘Manchester United Victorious Again – No Thanks to Blair’.

The year-long campaign did have one stroke of luck however: last December, just after Bush’s confirmation by the Reagan-nominated US Supreme Court, a thief walked through fences and walls and got into the British Ministry of Defence Laboratory at Porton Down, a maximum security facility which contains a wide range of the most dangerous viruses and poisons in the world. The thief knew what he was looking for – he escaped with a phial of foot and mouth virus. (This information slipped past the censor and got onto the front page of the Daily Express on April 7th – the millionaire pornographer [sic] who had just bought the Express was a newcomer to British journalism and thought it was ok to print real news – something that British newspapers avoid doing if they possibly can.)

A few weeks after the Porton Down theft, the foot and mouth epidemic surfaced all over England, indicating a terrorist attack, but strangely enough the British press, which usually falls over itself to report anything to do with terrorism, wasn’t interested in the terrorist angle. They were interested in the Blair angle, and for months New Labour was blamed for foot and mouth. It was announced that MI5 would investigate the Porton Down episode, but we can be certain that the report will never be made public, because Britain’s farmers might turn nasty if they find out that the viral strain that caused the outbreak was the same as the one that disappeared from Porton Down. At the behest of Charles Moore, the editor of the MI6 house newspaper, the Daily Telegraph (29th March), Blair was forced to delay the general election by a month so as to give the secret government a little more time to drag down his rating. Bellwether MI6 journalist Tom Bower struck the final futile blow for his puppetmasters on the morning of the election in the Daily Mail, with a long article exposing that Blair’s ministers had not only sabotaged the nation’s agriculture – they had cocked up the planned National Football Stadium, a shocking revelation designed to enrage English football fans, whom MI6 no doubt reckon to be the bedrock of Blair’s electoral support.

Former Tory Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd had lamented the unelectability of the Tories as early as last summer, but the new Bush administration clearly knew better, and treated the Blair government as if it would not survive the General Election. Almost immediately after the presidential inauguration, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld declined to invite his British opposite number, Geoff Hoon, to Washington. Rumsfeld instead invited the Tory defence spokesman, Iain Duncan Smith. This gesture – normally reserved for US-backed opposition leaders from pariah states – was proffered to a country that a few days earlier had been the United States No. 1 ally. (I exclude Israel, of which of the US government seems to have become a part.) A few weeks later Blair turned up in Washington to meet the new President. When Bush was asked if he had anything in common with Blair, he replied succinctly, "We both use Colgate." The Bush administration was convinced it wouldn’t be doing business with Blair for long, so superfluous courtesies were dispensed with.

Of course, at the heart of all this is something more than MI6’s fear of European law, and the legal exposure of its criminality. At the heart of the matter lies a major, geopolitical issue - the Bush administration’s determination to weaken the European Union and kill the euro as an international currency. If the Republicans don’t stop Britain from adopting the euro, there is a clear possibility that the euro will one day replace the dollar as an international currency, and deprive the Republican Party of its preferred method of bankrolling the arms companies that it serves - by printing more dollars. This is another important issue that the media avoid discussing. The euro is a problem not for Britain, but for America. It is America’s battles that are being fought inside the Conservative Party.

Following the Blair victory, the secret government and their backers in the Bush administration have suffered a major defeat. They are stuck with Blair and will pressure him at every turn, and Blair, being Blair, will very probably give in – the firing of Cook was a dire act of appeasement following the dismissal of Mandelson and Vaz. Like Patti Hurst, Blair is too frightened to resist and has chosen to join his kidnappers – a classic example of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

The victory of the pro-European Kenneth Clarke in the first round of the election of a new Tory leader presents another problem for the secret government. If Clarke becomes the conservative leader, that will take some of the pressure off Blair and he might conceivably find the strength to resist the forces that are already making him a historical nonentity.

Britain has become a Bush sideshow, and in order to save the House of Cards at Vauxhall Cross from European justice, MI6 has abandoned what is left of British industry, is betraying the City, and because of a lunatic covert action, has laid waste to British agriculture. Not surprising, however, if we bear in mind that David Spedding and his men got away with the murder of Britain’s most popular public figure in Paris in the early hours of 1st September 1997. Not surprising, above all, if we consider the calibre of Britain’s political journalists, the Shrimsleys and the Prawnsleys, who hammer trivia out of their keyboards, and ‘kiss the whip’ of censorship, for fear of noticing the massive, and obvious political crimes of a rotten state.